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Another Retail Giant Launches UK Ecommerce Website

Another Retail Giant Launches UK Ecommerce Website

posted in ecommerce websites by Andy on 12:33 Nov 9th, 2012

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Costco Wholesale, the seventh largest retailer in the world, has just launched their first ecommerce website in the United Kingdom. The wholesale company, who have 22 warehouses throughout the country, are making their plethora of products available both to members and non-members.

Previously when they only made UK sales through their stores, shoppers could only make a purchase if they were a paying member of Costco. With this new channel of shopping however, via their ecommerce website, Costco has the opportunity to reach a new market of shoppers and with bulk retail items being sold, increased revenue is sure to be significant.

Ecommerce Website Providing Extensive Range of Products

Currently in thee Costco Wholesale stores, members can bulk buy assorted groceries, cooked food, electronic and technology items, clothes, jewellery plus various household furniture and amenities. However, through their brand new ecommerce website customers have the opportunity to purchase a wider range of the previously mentioned products as well as more elaborate items such as the ‘Chef at Home Experience’ and of course larger supply items for businesses.

With such an extensive amount of products that are sure to attract the entire UK market, especially as they are already an internationally acclaimed company, Costco will need to ensure their ecommerce website solution is robust enough to deal with great amounts of traffic and conversions.

Is Your Ecommerce Website Up To Scratch

However, it is important to note that just because a company is well known doesn’t mean their website will remain a long term success. If the ecommerce website begins to run ineffectively due to, for example:

• large website traffic which slows down the website

• inefficient checkout processes

• No best practice with CRO features that appeal to ecommerce website users;

Then online success will be short lived.

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