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ecommerce solutions incorporating mcommerce

ecommerce solutions incorporating mcommerce

posted in mobile websites by Tom on 08:21 Dec 7th, 2012

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advansys reviews ecommerce solutions incorporating mcommerce in the UK

Ecommerce solutions providers have a duty to provide their clients with the most current and advanced solutions that put them in the best competitive position in the online market. Current trends in the market must constantly be reviewed in order for ecommerce websites to respond appropriately, allowing them to reach wide target markets and generate high conversion rates.
At present the move into mobile commerce (mcommerce) is skyrocketing into new heights as it continues to grow at an alarmingly fast pace. A recent forecast detailed that during the next five years, mcommerce expenditure in the United Kingdom is set to rise by more than 500%. The average mcommerce shopper is predicted to annually spend around £900 by 2017.

ecommerce solutions that facilitate online success

Therefore with such an active market, ecommerce website owners need to ensure their ecommerce solutions include mobile website optimisation. As a bare minimum, if you want to reach your maximum potential in online sales, you need to have a website that is optimised to appear on mobile devices and expand the online shopping experience to cater more to these users; as the way people shop through mcommerce is different to standard ecommerce through a laptop or desktop computer.
Retail analyst expert, Matthew Rubin commented, “The channel is essential for all retailers with ambitions of long term growth, however evolving technology and the blurring lines between devices means innovation and adaptation is essential to stay ahead of the curve”.

advansys ecommerce solutions give you the competitive advantage

 Advansys were one of the few leading ecommerce companies that recognised the great opportunities in-store with mcommerce and encouraged many of their clients to adopt mobile website optimisation and app development in order to achieve strong first mover advantages.
They stay ahead of all ecommerce industry trends in order to maintain highly effective ecommerce solutions that keep their clients competitive.
Read advansys reviews for testimonials from previous clients.

To make an enquiry on how advansys can support your business in the ecommerce industry, call us on 0845 838 2700.

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