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ecommerce sales break record in the run up to xmas

ecommerce sales break record in the run up to xmas

posted in ecommerce solutions by Jenny on 12:18 Dec 20th, 2012

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As Christmas day draws nearer and nearer, unsurprisingly online shopping sales have continued to skyrocket. Many ecommerce websites are reporting record sales and for those with multichannel ecommerce operations; they are experiencing significant financial returns from this investment.

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Many retailers looking to make an impact in the online shopping industry typically begin with a standard ecommerce website solution. However operating online knows practically no limits and it is always best to cast your net out wide when trying to attract a target market. Obviously your business’ capabilities need to be considered, but if possible it is advantageous to build up your company to be in a position to sell internationally through different retail channels.

Thanks to many last minute shoppers and an increasing number of retailers providing guaranteed delivery before Christmas on dates between the 18th and 24th, the ecommerce industry is experiencing an exceptional Christmas retail period. Some of the UK’s biggest retailers have reported revenues of tens of millions within a week.

In order to ensure your ecommerce website can experience similar success it is essential that certain aspects of the site are optimised for customers with the intention of Christmas shopping. One ecommerce expert commented, “It is clear that some businesses have a strong Christmas business and gifting programme, with appropriate product and relevant marketing and promotional activity to support it. This is nothing new and is largely down to effective planning, good management and attention to detail. Sound businesses should be achieving a minimum 25% sales growth online.”

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While Christmas time will shortly come to an end, the January sales season is hot on its heels and the new year brings with it brand new opportunities to achieve online success.

Invest in professional ecommerce website solutions which are catered to your specific business needs and are created by experts in the ecommerce industry. They are best able to offer advice on what features will be necessary for a high converting website.

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