ebay store designs

stunning eBay shop designs

ebay store designs

Advansys offer bespoke eBay store page designs, where we can construct your Ebay store to be in keeping with your corporate branding and in line with the design of your website. By improving your eBay template design to give it a professional look can help to give your customerís confidence when ordering from your store and will consequently help to increase your sales and grow your business. Our eBay shop designs are fully integrated with eBay allowing you to continue to use their interface to control and administer products, categories, promotional boxes etc, or alternatively if you use the Advansys eBay integration module you can manage all of these via the CMS and your eBay store design will be updated in real time.

benefits of a professional eBay store design

With so many companies using eBay stores to generate income either on the side of their day job or as a full time business, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Many eBay stores suffer from a lack of design care and attention, which means they revert to the eBay template designs that look cheap and can have a negative effect on your users. Trust is one of the main reasons why users donít purchase from certain stores on eBay due to either a bad feeling that they receive from the site or the lack of quality in their product images. Below are a few reasons why a high quality eBay store design is necessary in order to generate income from your eBay store.

ecommerce brand identity

Creating a distinct and trustworthy brand identity is vital for any business, whether they are an ecommerce business on the internet or a shop on the high street. A professional brand identity can generate trust and interest in your eBay store, which will make customers want to revisit the eBay store. Once you have the customers trust, then they are more inclined to purchase from you now and in the future. This brand identity can also develop as your business grows to creating a proper ecommerce website with eBay integration through to any high street shops that the business may expand to.

creating a professional business on eBay

A professional business environment breeds confidence in the company and an advanced eBay store design can bring this professionalism. From a simple eBay store, Advansys can create a brand new professional business with brand values and a place where customers can feel happy to spend money without the feeling of being ripped off.

displaying the eBay store products in the best light

Any business that sells products needs to display the products in a way that customers can clearly see the quality of the product and know about its features. This is never more important than products sold online as customers have not got the tangible product to hold and use. This means that the quality of the images and how these images are displayed is extremely important and is considered greatly in the eBay store design process.

For further information on eBay store designs and development, contact the eBay website integration specialists here.

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