multi channel ecommerce

what is a multi-channel retail solution?

Multi channel ecommerce gives you the opportunity to sell your products not just via your ecommerce site but by various other retail channels such as the following marketplaces eBay,, amazon, priceminister and fnac, but also traditional MOTO (mail order telephone order), and EPOS (electronic point of sale) giving your retail business greater exposure to increase sales.

The Advansys ecommerce framework enables you to incorporate transactions from all of these retail channels in one location, for example sales orders, products, returns, suppliers, purchase orders, customer details and much more. By having all of this invaluable retailing data in one central database allows you to effectively manage your ecommerce business, marketplaces, retail shops, streamline internal processes and reduce costs. Our ecommerce framework can be built to fit your exact multi channel retailing requirements - bringing it all together.

Multi channel ecommerce

ecommerce store

Use ecommerce to sell your products online via an ecommerce website solution, e-commerce is becoming more popular and is set to grow by a further 13% in 2010 as online sales make up the majority of retailer sales which is why getting an ecommerce store is an important channel if you want to take your business forward.

eBay store

Streamline your processes by having the ability to control your eBay listings from one single interface giving you complete control of reatail orders, shipping and stock. The Advansys eBay listing tool allows you to intelligently reserve stock across all channels giving you greater contol.

MOTO (Mail Order & Telephone Order)

Moto gives you the ability to take orders over the phone and via mail order giving your customers another channel to interact with your online business. The Advansys ecommerce framewok allows you to manage these retail orders via one single interface.

Amazon Seller Central

Sell your products on Amazon to increase exposure and your online presence. Amazon is one of the most used and established retail channels on the internet: imagine a percentage of that traffic pushed to your ecommerce website and the ability to manage those orders via one system.

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale)

Imagine having the ability to track and process your phsycial retail shop orders and ecommerce online orders via one solution. Integrating your retail shop EPOS system into your ecommerce solution will seamlessly allow you to achieve this. Seller

Use play trade to expose your retail products to a vast audience allowing you to increase sales and promote your online business. Play Trade is second only to eBay when it comes to auction sites so adding this as part of your online retailing business plan as a valuable channel is a must.

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