cross channel ecommerce

what is cross channel ecommerce?

Cross Channel Ecommerce takes the concept of Multichannel Ecommerce to the next level, Combining the management of each channel into a single interface via which you can control all of your selling. Advansys view Cross Channel Ecommerce as being the way Ecommerce should always work, using technology and bespoke development to streamline your selling processes, ensuring consistent service to your customers and simpler business management.

cross channel ccommerce saves you time

Time is Money. Every successful business operates on this principle and a Cross Channel Ecommerce CMS from Advansys is the ultimate in time saving technology. With all of your listings and selling channels feeding back to a central system there is no need to switch between different systems and websites to list your products and orders are also gathered automatically from your selling channels like eBay and Amazon, your ecommerce website and your MOTO system so that every order can be processed and dispatched efficiently.

cross channel ecommerce simplifies your business management

Stock control is one of the biggest headaches in retail management, managing stock allocation across multiple internet channels without the benefit of a single management interface can be almost impossible to achieve cleanly and with complete assurance that stock levels are not being overrepresented (leading to the possibility of insufficient stock to fulfil orders) without deliberately under representing the levels leading to stock sitting on shelves unsold. A Cross Channel CMS lets you accurately allocate stock and redistribute stock between your selling channels in real time ensuring that you will always have enough product to sell, without worrying about having items cluttering up your warehouse waiting for sales that will never happen.

cross channel ecommerce helps maintain your brand

Because Listings created through a Cross Channel CMS. are template driven, your branding, content and Product images can be made completely consistent, with no chance of variation that creeps into product listings created directly into the channel, over and over again. This consistency of presentation and information is essential to building up loyalty in your customers. Increasingly consumers are using more and more marketplaces and Cross Channel Ecommerce gives you the opportunity to be present on every channel they buy through, represented in a consistent way that will become familiar and trusted by your customers.

advansys cross channel ecommerce expands to fill your business needs

Advansys build their systems to be scalable, and our Cross Channel CMS is no different. As you business expands the cms can be extended to allow the same control of your new selling channels. Even a bricks and mortar business can be accommodated with modules to control virtual stock distribution for internet sales as well as location based stock levels tied to sales data from your EPOS software at each physical store. The possibilities, as the phrase goes, are endless.

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