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One of the major differences between retail selling and ecommerce is that orders, once placed, need never leave the system. Traditionally order fulfilment involved separate warehouse management software and despite interconnectivity of management programs improving, it is almost unheard of for an ecommerce solution to be linked to an online fulfillment system.

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The Advansys Cross Channel Ecommerce Framework is designed to enable this integration and to streamline the internet order fulfilment process fully and with intelligence.

The Warehouse module of the Advansys Multi Channel eCommerce Framework can automate what used to be external processes in your warehouse, generating picklists from daily orders, picklists that make the job of your warehouse team much easier as the system knows exactly where each stock item is in the warehouse and the most efficient order in which to pick them. This efficiency continues as the individual order packlists can be ordered by product weight and delicacy to ensure that all products arrive at their destination intact.

Integration of the major logistics providersí software provides tracking facilities for you and your customers as well as allowing you to accurately manage your deliveries, even when multiple delivery routes are an option.

Essentially the Warehouse module in the Advansys Ecommerce Framework can be used to completely replace your Warehouse Management Software, bringing yet more visibility to your operations and letting you know exactly how efficient your business is.

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