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'In the past 10 years, mobile phones have changed the way we communicate and live. In the next 10 years, they will change the way we do business. The mobile media and commerce markets offer long-term opportunities for forward planning'

Source: '2010 Mobile Trends' Forrester Research January 2010

The Impressive Growth Of Mobile Commerce Sites

Research has indicated that many mobile phone users would have the confidence to purchase more products via mobile commerce websites or apps if the products were easier to find, intuitive search functionality was available with secure payment options. Once these barriers are dealt with the opportunity to gain new customers and increase sales revenue via mobile devices, featuring mobile web design is huge. Advansys truly believe in multi channel ecommerce and to us m commerce is just another part of the jigsaw. A shopper can use their mobile device to do the following:

  • locate a store
  • price comparisons
  • redeem vouchers
  • purchase via the app
  • call a call center
  • product reviews
  • social media
  • brand awareness
  • competitions
  • games

What's interesting is that m-commerce technology can be an integral part of the sales cycle.

'In the second quarter of 2010, mobile web visits were made up of 37 percent iPhone, 29 percent iPod Touch, 13 percent Blackberry and 12 percent Android.'

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily

Visit Advansys Now For Professional Mobile Web Design And M-Commerce Technology

It is clear that the uptake on smart phones is phenomenal and at Advansys we believe that in 2011 this figure will dramatically increase. Mobile websites are at their infancy, so now is the time to invest in that profit driven mobile commerce applications or mobile website to give you first mover advantage over your competitors. Make us your first choice of mobile commerce in the UK for mobile retailing success.

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