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Mobile is here. An increase number of shoppers are now making the decision to purchase via a mobile app, whether it is via the Apple iPhone or one of the many available smart phones. Donít miss out on this exciting new market which is at the cusp of being something very special. By having a mobile app with a compelling design and a well thought out navigational structure will give you that competitive edge and first mover advantage to draw new internet shoppers to your online business.

how to increase uptake on your mobile app?

Below are our top ten tips when planning your m-Commerce strategy and choosing a mCommerce application provider:

  • Make it easy for customers to find you. When a customer is searching for you via a search engine on their mobile make life easier for them by directing them straight to your mobile app or mobile website with the option to view the standard website.
  • Be consistent. Shoppers on the internet want the same experience shopping on a mobile device.
  • User experience: mobile Commerce is in its infancy now is the time to get the user experience bang on
  • Security is essential.mCommerce is still a new concept therefore it is imperative that the customer has confidence to purchase using their phone
  • Product availability is essential. If you donít have that product in stock you will lose that mobile shopper and lose that competitive edge.
  • Design constraints have to be considered
  • Payment methods need to be chosen wisely
  • Navigation Ė make it easy for the customer to find a product on a mobile device
  • Search Ė constrained by space search via keywords and navigation has to be perfect
  • Delivery rules need to be the same on your mobile app as on your ecommerce solution
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