mobile application development

Advansys have a team of developers who solely specialise in developing sophisticated Mobile applications via intuitive tools. We can assist you in the whole lifecycle of creating a mobile application for your online business; from the strategic planning and design stage, development of the application to the marketing and distribution of your mobile commerce application.

mobile application strategy

Before you embark on developing a mobile app you need to have a clear view on what the mobile application will bring to your online business. Is it to purely to promote your business and branding or is it to drive sales to reach paid web services? Or may be it’s a way of generating revenue by using the iAds network or to drive sales to a more feature rich mobile commerce app.

designing a mobile app

Once you have a clear vision of the intention of the mobile application you are ready to start the design planning stage. It is imperative that all design constraints are considered when designing the mobile app as you are clearing working on a much smaller space. With the design you want it to be simple but yet compelling with an easy to use navigation structure. When designing the app ‘search functionality’ must be considered. The internet shopper needs to find their product quick and easily on an mobile device such as the iPhone.

developing a mobile app

When creating a mobile application you want it to be as optimised as possible with relevant native functionality. The last thing you want to do is build an app that is so feature rich that it is slow and cumbersome to use. Here at Advansys we pride ourselves on building mobile phone devices that use a mixture of native applications and web applications. We have a wealth of knowledge of the current leading mobile application platforms. This means that we can take advantage of standard web application development as well as access all of the hardware functionality of the device, whatever the mobile platform. For example the possibilities with an Apple iPhone are endless, for example:

  • actions- rotate and shake
  • gestures- tap, double tap, touch and hold, swipe, flick, drag and pinch
  • camera
  • zoom

marketing and managing a mobile app

Once the mobile app has been fully tested and is ready to go live we can assist in your mobile application marketing strategy, in other words ensure that your mobile website gets notice and generates new sales. We can help by driving new and existing shoppers to the mobile app by publishing offers and incentivising them to repeat purchase via the mobile website.

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