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is your eCommerce supplier PCI DSS compliant level 1?

With online fraud at an all time high and consumer awareness of lost and stolen credit data increasing it is imperative that security and fraud are in integral part of your eCommerce strategy. Criminals have gone high tech and have discovered that there is a significant amount of money to be had with very little risk. Fraud is not to be taken lightly.

‘54% of consumers said that they still shop online, but are now more careful as a result of media coverage.’ [Source: eConsultancy, E-Commerce Statistics Compendium UK Jan 2011]

what is pci ssc?

PCI SSC is the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) that was set up in September 2006. The Council is made up of Mastercard Worldwide, Visa, American Express, Discover Financial Services and JCB International.

what is pci dss?

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) are a set of technical and operational requirements that have been set up to protect card holder data.

what is pa-dss?

PA-DSS stands for payment application-qualified security standard to help software vendors and developers to develop secure payment applications. This only one part of the 12 PCI requirements.

who has to comply to pci dss?

Any company that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data.

is PCI a legal requirement?

PCI compliance is currently not a law, but there are many banks who now require merchants to be PCI compliant if they wish to sell products online, a couple of those banks are HSBC and Barclays. If there is a compromise on your ecommerce website and you are not PCI compliant it is now common for VISA and Mastercard to issue fines of more than £10,000.

how can advansys help?

Advansys have achieved the highest level Tier 1 Certification compliance with the Payment Credit Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which demonstrates that all of our business processes and infrastructures meet the highest level of security throughout the life cycle of a credit transaction. We fully understand the importance of customer data and payment security for online business and can assist to make sure your business complies as well.

‘Just under 50% of UK business experienced a computer security incident (around 860,000). The number having a serious breach has stayed constant at around 25% (around 430,000) [Source: Garlik, September 2009]

For more information our PCI managed services please contact one of our PCI compliance experts now.

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