B2B ecommerce solutions

B2B ecommerce solutions

do you experience this pain with your B2B ecommerce solution?

  • Lack of control due to no streamlined online business processes.
  • A website design that does not provide an easy yet professional customer experience.
  • Spending extensive periods of time managing product stock, orders and delivery, terms and conditions, trading policies etc.
  • Limited or no knowledge on building e-merchandising, promotional modules and trade logins.
  • Paying too much money to managed multiple brand sites on various platforms
  • Losing highly valuable market data through inefficient data captures

If you can identify with just one of these problems call us today on 0845 838 2700.

We are ecommerce solution specialists that design professional websites and implement various integrations and functionality, unique to your business, that all work towards improving commercial interactions and making your business a great success.

If you’re affected by more than one of these problems, you need to take action now. Advansys is more than capable of transforming the way you operate online.

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"We have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and skill that Advansys have shown throughout the project" - Paul Gurnell GlaxoSmithKline

"Overall we are really pleased with the way that the Advansys application is working for us and the increased visibility that it has given our business." - H Ponaich Yakult

To see how we have helped more customers grow their online businesses see our advansys reviews

growing demand for B2B ecommerce solutions

As business to business (B2B) commerce grows in popularity, so does its competitive nature. Expectations from potential and existing customers have increased as B2B ecommerce solutions have developed and improved greatly in recent years. Any business to business solution now needs to include a proficient design and incorporate easy to use ecommerce tools. The sole purpose of engaging in any B2B technology is to streamline existing business processes and improve the efficiency in commercial interactions. These requirements are not only to make it easier for the buyer, but also to increase and improve the relationship between the two businesses.

The developments in business to business ecommerce solutions can be put down to a demand for improved services, similar to that of which businesses have witnessed from their individual roles as consumers. Demand exists for an easier user experience from both businesses and these types of ecommerce solutions help facilitate tighter interaction, allowing for access of both current and historic commercial data and information. Many protocols exist in the market that assist B2B interactions. Perhaps the most prolific is the cXML (Commerce eXtensible Markup Language) that, like XML, attempts to standardise EDI messaging allowing buyers, vendors, service providers and intermediaries to communicate using one open standard. Please click here for more information about cXML integration.

B2B ecommerce expertise

As a trusted expert provider of many a B2B ecommerce solution, Advansys offer high quality, professionally built websites for clients that add real business benefits to any online organisation. The general benefits of B2B ecommerce solutions include ease of trading/business interaction between customer and supplier thus lowering support costs, with reduced order errors and incorrect shipments. Other benefits of B2B ecommerce solutions include increased revenue with low head count, increased cross sale of other products, and an easier method of entering into new markets without investing in additional sales or telemarketing.

Advansys have built numerous complex business critical B2B offerings for clients in numerous vertical markets; automotive, industrial and pharmaceutical. In addition we provide additional services such as internet consultancy, conversion rate optimisation, search engine optimisation, systems integration and online payment solutions. The increased efficiency these services deliver helps build customer confidence which in turns lead to increased customer loyalty with after sales opportunities. Our websites will also provide increased navigational ease, promote customer engagement, allow for both cross and up selling and for easy adaptations.

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To get an expertly built B2B ecommerce solution to assist with streamlining your organisation today contact Advansys at sales@advansys.com or 0845 838 2700.

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