3D secure integration

what is 3d secure?

3d secure explained

3D secure integration 3D Secure is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure CNP (Cardholder Not Present) transactions over the Internet.

MasterCard brand their system as 'MasterCard SecureCode' and Visa call theirs 'Verified by Visa'.

3D Secure payment security creates what is called a 'trust chain' throughout the transaction, shifting the liability for fraud from the merchant to the issuer under a range of conditions.

However, merchants should not consider 3D Secure as a panacea and should continue to use their existing anti fraud measures as well.

When an ecommerce transaction occurs on a 3D secure website and the cardholder is paying using a credit/debit card enrolled in 3D secure either the Mastercard or VISA pop up or inline security screens appear. The user is then asked to enter their passphrase (which can be a combination of letters or numbers) which is known only to them. Mastercard or VISA then return the user to the ecommerce website after authentication.

3d secure facts

  • 3D secure payment security is only applicable to eCommerce/Internet transactions.
  • MoTo transactions (Mail Order/Telephone Order) are not affected
  • Transactions that occur via a telephone or virtual terminal i.e. MoTo do not need 3D secure (you can't ask the customer for their passphrase as it is private).
  • Cardholder Not Present (CNP) transations are when the cardholder is not physicaly there at the point of sale i.e. on the Internet or on the telephone
  • Conversely Cardholder Present (CP) transactions are when the cardholder is physically at the point of sale e.g. in a retail store

3d secure integration and ePayments

There are two elements to being able to accept and process 3D secure transactions Advansys have a team of developers who specialise in 3D secure integration.

  1. The merchant A/C must be 3D secure enabled
  2. The Customer/Shopper paying on the ecommerce website must have a credit/debit card enrolled (registered) in the 3D secure scheme
  3. Customers can sign up via online banking or via the Mastercard or VISA websites.

important things to know about 3d secure

  • From 1st July 2007 it will be mandatory for all merchants who wish to accept Maestro cards (part of Mastercard) to use 3D secure. If merchants do not comply merchants risk heavy fines and the threat of loosing their ability to process credit cards.
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