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ECMOD 2010: Groundbreaking Supplier Award for the Most Innovative Solution - Back End Business Management

The ECMOD exhibition 2010 played host to the major names in the UK's eCommerce and mail order industries. A show schedule of seminars and showcases culminated in a glittering awards ceremony at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, where the companies most forward thinking and responsible for the greatest developments in the ecommerce and mail order industry were properly honoured for their achievements.

Advansys were proud to be among those honoured and particularly happy to have been chosen as the winner of a Groundbreaking Supplier Award for the Most Innovative Solution - Back End Business Management.

Our submission for the award was our Cross Channel eCommerce CMS; an innovative system that not only enables multichannel ecommerce, but makes it simple to manage your entire business. After all, the biggest headache for most retailers is managing their multiple channels: ecommerce, telephone, shops, and multiple marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Fnac, Priceminister and many more. The Advansys eCommerce framework takes this pain away by providing one single view.

Retailers can increase profitability by hitting a larger target market. The internet, marketplaces (and marketplaces that are not just local, but global) and numerous shopping sites allows Retailers to do this fairly easily and without much expenditure. The problem occurs when these channels start to take 1000 of orders, dispatching 1000s of products and start making substantial revenue. It's an impossible task for a Retailer to successfully manage all of these and sustain profitability.

Advansys eCommerce Solution

By implementing the Advansys eCommerce framework managing your product catalogue and product listings on marketplaces becomes far less time consuming and more streamlined. Instead of producing a number of complicated spreadsheets to be manually syndicated out to the multiple channels the Advansys eCommerce framework simply allows you to assign the products to the appropriate channel within one intuitive interface.

Using a single database of all products across all channels allows you to confidently manage your stock control. This solves a common problem when managing multiple channels separately in that stock can easily be over booked and lead to late deliveries and a customer relations nightmare. This is a scenario that Retailers fear and even prevents them from branching out into further channels. The Advansys eCommerce framework takes this fear away as stock levels are held centrally where the Retailer has full visibility with the ability to book stock 'in and out' and set minimum stock level values. By setting stock levels if an item reaches this threshold they can either be automatically replenished or an alert pushed to the Administrator of the eCommerce framework to proactively take action.

Having to login into different marketplaces and systems to check orders is time consuming and cumbersome and the Retailer runs the risk of losing the order or not fulfilling the order in a timely fashion. The Advansys eCommerce framework solves the need to login into different interfaces by pushing all of the orders into one single interface where the Retailer can quickly identify where the order came from, whether it is the Shop, eBay, Amazon or the actual eCommerce website.

The Advansys eCommerce framework can take the Retailer to the next level by allowing them to successfully sell on any channel; giving them a larger target market which will ultimately result in further conversions and increased profitability.

Without question the Advansys eCommerce Framework solves one of the main frustrations of Retailers; the ability to efficiently sell their products via many channels without the need to worry about stock levels, logging into different systems, tracking orders and fulfilment.

Why we are different

What sets us apart from our competitors is that our background is eCommerce. Ten years ago when the company was first created Advansys wholly concentrated on developing eCommerce solutions and with that as our strategic goal we have become true specialists in this arena. With this experience we have developed a solid eCommerce framework that has naturally grown and matured based on the demands of the industry. Whereas our competitors who claim to have a single interface have either come from a listing tool background or a fulfilment background and have tried to bolt on eCommerce in order to enter into this market space.

We believe that eCommerce is the heart of any Retailers business and it is eCommerce that brings together all of the different channels (MOTO, Shop/EPOS, Marketplaces, Shopping Feeds, and Website) and therefore only a company who lives and breathes eCommerce such as Advansys can deliver successful cross channel eCommerce solutions.

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“Omega Training Solutions turned to Advansys to help develop our business idea and turn it into a reality. Specialising in web development solutions, Advansys were able to quickly understand our business needs and helped to create a stylish yet informative website. Being from an aviation safety background, Advansys were brought in to take away the technical headaches of setting up and maintaining the website. Throughout our business relationship Advansys have been responsive and supportive. Here we are a few years later and Omega training is going from strength to strength. ”

- D Stark - Omega Training -