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Selling Business to Business (B2B)

Whether you’re a distributor, manufacturer or wholesaler, an effective eCommerce solution will help to give you a competitive edge by allowing you to offer your customers a more personalised shopping experience.

With an eCommerce platform allowing your business customers to order online, you will reduce operational costs whilst freeing up staff to concentrate on other areas of their work – saving on advertising and marketing costs.

B2B Businesses need a solution that works in collaboration with existing sales and customer service teams, with the same level of personalisation for each customer, and the ability to seamlessly work with current business systems.

With a custom B2B eCommerce platform, you can:

  • Improve user experience
  • Make purchasing easy and reliable
  • Be agile and scalable

Whether your firm is large or small, the Page Express platform by Advansys is ideal for B2B communications. It's able to handle a limitless number of SKUs, price variations and product categories. 

Selling Business to Business (B2B)

What is B2B eCommerce?

B2B ecommerce (or business-to-business electronic commerce), basically means it is the sale of goods, products & services through online transactions between businesses. These businesses tend to bewholesalers, manufacturers, distributors

B2B sales tends to work when  one business is selling components to another.  An example of this could be a manufacturer who sells hydraulic filters to a food processing plant.   Another example would be where wholesalers (for example a fruit merchant sell their products to retailers (corner shops) who sell direct to the general public.

They key here is that you need to be in front of these types of audiences.

B2B eCommerce Solutions: this what you need to know

Here at Advansys, we design and develop eCommerce solutions that meets the demands of any B2B organisation. We can give you the control needed to offer your customers trade accounts with products and pricing unique to them, and offer easy payment methods through credit accounts.

We focus on speed and convenience, meaning the website works quickly and effortlessly on all devices, whilst also offering your customers time saving features such as bulk order uploads from an Excel Spreadsheet. We can also seamlessly integrate the Advansys solution into current business processes, which can streamline and improve processes to save valuable time and money.

With our B2B Page Express platform, you can create/manage/offer:

  1. Trade Accounts.
  2. Detailed Product information.
  3. End to end Order Tracking (such as warehouse integration).
  4. Secure and flexible payment options.
  5. Price Toggle for ex-VAT.
  6. Real time inventory.
  7. Re-order and quick order functionality.
  8. Promotion of key offers.

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