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'In the past 10 years, mobile phones have changed the way we communicate and live. In the next 10 years, they will change the way we do business. The mobile media and commerce markets offer long-term opportunities for forward planning'

Source: '2010 Mobile Trends' Forrester Research January 2010

As mobile devices continue to become more and more important to everyday life, the ways in which businesses must utilise these mobile devices are essential to ensuring a positive and consistent experience for their customers.

Any business which refuses to meet the expectations of their customers, and take advantage of the advantages offered by the UK's leading mCommerce Solutions Company, is ignoring a large part of their audience, as more than a third of all traffic now originates on mobile devices, instead of on desktop computers.

The Growth Of Mobile Commerce Sites!

Research undertaken in recent years has suggested that many mobile users would make more use of their mobiles to purchase more products if the websites that they were forced to interact with were optimised for their devices. Any business which takes advantage of the latest responsive technology is in a perfect position to reap the benefits of this 'disenfranchised' customer-base.

Once the barriers which make mCommerce difficult to master, such as the difficulty that many customers have navigating their favourite websites, or if intuitive search functionally was implemented, then any business can look to make the most out of a relatively untapped audience. This can work for both B2B and B2C businesses, as an increasing number of B2B buyers are utilising mobile devices to make their processes more efficient.

But many users do not use their mobiles simply for eCommerce, but instead utilise their devices in the following ways:

  • Many mobile users make the most of their devices to locate a specific store
  • To compare a wide range of prices and products, on-the-go
  • Redeem or earn vouchers for in-store purchases
  • Purchase via the in-store app, as a means of circumnavigating a long queue; this is particularly effective in busy, high-street stores
  • To research a product before they decide whether to purchase in-store
  • Social Media, to gain encouragement or to listen to their friends' opinions
  • To gain or complement pre-existing brand awareness.

Choose Advansys – An Experienced mCommerce Solutions Company – For Your Business' Mobile Commerce Solutions Today!

"M-commerce is seeing such good growth for a couple of reasons: Mobile device ownership is rising rapidly, and consumers are becoming more comfortable making purchases on these devices. Tablets, in particular, offer a larger and more tactile interface for online shopping, which is why we're seeing particularly fast growth in tablet commerce,"

Source: Bill Fisher, UK analyst at eMarketer.

It is inarguable that mobile devices will play an increasingly important part in the ways that customers choose to interact with their favourite brands over the next few years. By improving your business with an incredible responsive platform from Advansys, you can secure your business against the growing expectations of your customers!

At Advansys, we are the very best mCommerce Solutions Company in the UK, and we have proven ourselves time and time again as we work with businesses from an ever-expanding range of industries, from automotive to fashion!

If you remain unconvinced, then be sure to check out our blog, and discover exactly what we can do to help your business achieve the incredible mCommerce business that it deserves.

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