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Working in the beauty industry is all about accentuating the look and feel of a subject; getting the best out of the natural features of a person, giving them the confidence to go about their lives precisely how they would like to. Whether they’re searching for make-up and brushes, foundation, mascara, lipstick or nail colours, spa treatments or fashion accessories; online retailers are able to offer their customers a wide range of innovative products to help them look and feel good. If you work in the industry and need to showcase your talents to this large consumer base, then possessing an equally stunning website is an absolute must.

Why does your beauty spa need to be online?

Search Make it easier for potential customers to find you!
Blocks Make it a lot simpler to showcase your products or services
Network Your competition will be online
Review Reputation management - 86% of people would pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and reviews
Google Get on Google to showcase what you and your business can provide

Here at Advansys, we are a leading web development agency who specialise in beauty website design –providing our clients with the foundation to reach new and vibrant audiences.Whether you're looking to establish your online brand, improve its reach or simply to offer a better browsing experience, our team are here to offer their skills and experience to create the ideal online outlet for your business.

Eye-catching Beauty Therapy Websites

It can probably go without saying that in business, first impressions are vital. People need to feel that their time (and ultimately, money) is being invested in a service that will be of benefit to them. This was the reasoning behind the creation ofa shop window; giving passers-by an eye-catching insight into how the business operates, how it may be of benefit to them, without them even stepping inside.

In fact, it can be said that beautiful beauty website offers retailers more than just a shop window to promote their clothes or cosmetics in – it is capable of giving the browser a deeper experience into how the service works, how exactly it can help them to achieve whatever it is they're looking for. This is why it needs to combine an attractive look that compliments the business, its products/services, as well as relay important information to browsers and reassure them that they're dealing with a professional company.

The trouble is that whilst the philosophies behind shop window displays have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years, the looks and functionalities of websites have transformed massively within the last decade alone. Whilst mobile phones and tablet devices were able to connect to the internet, their capabilities were somewhat limited 10-15 years ago. Today,thanks to their improved capabilities and the availability of high-speed connectivity, more people access the web via their phones than on 'traditional 'desktop computers and laptops.

This means that any forward-thinking business must have a website that is responsive on all devices in order to grab the attention of a wide audience. Making your virtual shop window accessible for everyone will simply give your business the best opportunity to experience success.

How Can Advansys Help To Improve Your Shop Window?

Aside from being able to provide that attractive shop window, creating a lasting relationship is vital in experiencing business success too. Whilst browsers will be initially be looking for a product/service that will benefit them, they’ll also be looking for a long-term service to place their trust in too. Portraying yourself as a knowledgeable, professional business is key to achieving this.

Having been creating eCommerce websites for many years now,the team here at Advansys have built up a vast experience when it comes to creating innovative, secure websites for all manner of business operations. We have worked alongside a wide array of industry professionals – just some examples of our work include:

  • DCT Designs. Dani, a gifted graphic designer who specialises in the health and beauty industry, was looking to better portray her skills and experience online. Working closely with her to understand the precise demands of her clients, we created a pretty brochure website that empathised her work and communicated to her audience exactly how she was able to help them to achieve what they were looking for.Check out the Advansys-designed DCT website here.

    • Nspa. Being a skincare, bath and spa treatments brand that is principally known due to its presence in a major UK supermarket chain, Nspa were looking to create their own platform from which to display their products. Working closely with them, we created a responsive eCommerce website that helped to communicate the potential benefits of their products, as well as portray the professional outlook befitting of a national brand.
    • Shakti Shanti. With the popularity ofhealth and fitness growing year-on-year, it's never been as important for businesses who operate in the industry to establish their own markets online.Finding themselves in this exact situation, Shakti Shanti, a popular yoga fashion brand, were seeking to create a new eCommerce website that would be able to portray their products, as well as to offer a quick and seamless shopping experience. Advansys created a responsive website that allowed Shakti Shanti to communicate their philosophies and expert knowledge, building a connection to interested browsers. The addition of a secure payment gateway helped to place the final piece in 'the jigsaw of customer confidence'.

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    • Body Branded. It may already be the case that you have a beauty therapy website that is able to portray your products to browsers. But what if you're experiencing low visitor numbers and conversions? A likely cause is that your website design just isn't responsive to the multitude of Internet-connected devices that we have at our disposal these days. Think about it – if you're browsing on mobile and a website that you're interested in takes an absolute age to load up (if it does at all), how much trust will you place in their products? You need to get the fundamentals right.

    These are the circumstances that Body Branded, a specialist underwear fashion retailer found themselves in. Our team got to work, creating a responsive web framework that sped up the processing of their site, as well as creating a design that would make it accessible on any device. As a result, Body Branded can feel increasingly confident in ensuring that their products are able to be seen by their customers, who in turn will feel content that they are dealing with a professional brand that values their custom.

    • Spa At Home. As a retailer of beauty products that allows their customers to create their own spa experience, Spa At Home were looking for a better level of functionality that would make the customer experience much easier. As their product range contains a multitude of skincare, bodycare and haircare products, it can be somewhat easy to get lost in their extensive catalogue. This is why we created a feature on their new website that enables their customers to tailor their shopping experience,making the process of choosing exact products easy, simple and quick – all elements of a well-functioning website.

    Get Ahead Of The Competition, With Advansys

    With the internet ever expanding, it's likely that your particular marketplace will already be competitive. As time goes on and more businesses realise the need to possess responsive website, ensuring that you're able to establish yourself as a leader in your particular marketplace NOW could prove to be the difference in experiencing long-term business success.

    Aside from website design, the team here at Advansys are able to implement a secure payment system on your website, implement advertising campaigns to reach a specific audience – even help to promote your physical store via Google My Business. Why not get in touch with us to learn more?

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