What do we look for in a CRO Audit?

A CRO Audit will study 3 key areas that impact conversion rates. This includes:

  • Navigation: Navigation is one of the most essential factors for online success, contributing to 40-60% on desktop and 85-90% on mobile. This includes menus, calls to action and site structure.

  • Relevancy: All the customer cares about is their problem and how your product or service will solve it, therefor the website and service should be relevant to the user and their needs. This includes factors such as: Design, Compatibility, Content, Images, Price and Delivery.

  • Credibility: The way the business and product is presented should look credible and trustworthy in order for users to feel confident enough to pass over payment details. This includes factors such as: Website Security, Visible Contact Details, Testimonials and Unique Selling Points.

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Terms and conditions of Free CRO Audit

1) Offer is limited to one audit per customer

2) We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice

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