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The Autumn Fair is upon us and its now time to start researching into that next hot product that will have your customers beating a path to your eCommerce website. It is also the time to start thinking about the distribution for all your orders and to be sure that your current warehouse processes and logistics can cope with the demand that is sure to start becoming an issue towards the end of the summer and building up into the holiday season rush.

Streamline Your eCommerce Systems This Christmas!

Streamlining your current systems now will mean that you can be assured of a trouble free Christmas and lay the ground work for expansion, after all, its no good offering more product ranges and pushing for more sales if you can't cope with distribution. If you would prefer to streamline by removing your physical involvement in the shipping process you could consider dropshipping as an alternative for some lines.

At this point you really must take a good hard look at your CMS and decide if it has the capability to support a mixed dispatch model. If it doesn't then mixing dropshipping with warehousing is a disaster in the making. Ideally the selection of dropship and warehouse would be set at the product level and the order processing set up so that your involvement with drop ship orders is practically nil.

This kind of development is not available with off the shelf ecommerce frameworks, instead you have to come to a professional ecommerce provider like Advansys and request this functionality.

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At Advansys, we live and breathe this kind of creative development, and we always welcome a challenge, so come and see us at the Autumn Fair and throw down the gauntlet! Dare us to make your ecommerce website the best in the world! We are at stand 5F30 in Hall 5 and even if you're not looking to be confrontational you'll still get a nice chat and maybe even a cuppa!