If you have a non-existent ecommerce site or you're looking for tips on ways to develop your existing site, then you've landed in the right place. With more businesses than ever buying online, there's no better time to start developing your own B2B ecommerce solution.

In the past more focus has been placed on the individual customer's online shopping experience, rather than business customers. However, businesses' investing in a B2B ecommerce website has increased, so by staying one step ahead of your competitors companies, government agencies and educational institutions (the major B2B buyers) will come to you, rather than go to them.

3 Steps To Boosting Sales & Attracting B2B Customers

1. Know Your Customer - A woman buying jewellery wants a beautiful necklace for the best price. She'd prefer an immediate purchase while providing a low-risk, noncommittal, short-term relationship. A businessman on the other hand is task-focused. He wants to bulk buy so he can make a profit at a later date. He may not be the sole decision maker, but he is brand loyal and you'll have a high-risk, profitable, long-term relationship.

2. Offer A Bespoke B2B Ecommerce Experience - The new generation tech savvy B2B customers are moving away from expensive and prolonged sales calls and fax/mail orders. By providing a convenient open all-hour interactive website design, businesses will have the ability to browse your site confidently and without time restrictions - avoiding information they didn't want or need. You can include a 'Responsive' B2B ecommerce solution, which enables your site to be accessed on any device, without compromising the websites functioning. With B2B ecommerce solutions, the business customer is (at long last) in control of his own exposure to ads and expenditures.

3. Multichannel Ecommerce - If you're using multiple channels to reach optimal customers, which you should be doing to increase sales, you should also consider investing in a multichannel management platform, which will enable you to manage all of these sites and their sales in one handy place. Its benefits are obvious; it is easy to set up with Advansys and put into action, it frees up much of your time (allowing you to concentrate solely on your business aim) and it is cost-efficient.

It's time you started providing the same shopping experience you do for individual customers to other businesses with an attractive, responsive, easy-to-use and smart B2B ecommerce site.

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