Why One Page Websites Are Ideal For Small Businesses

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If you're a small or new start-up business that is looking to provide streamlined and efficient information to browsers, a one page website may just be what you need. 'As it says on the tin', a one page website consists of a single page, offering a uniquely effective way to tell your brand's story and provide relevant information.

Single page websites use minimal space and content to convey your message – they do not 'bog down' your customers with reams of information that they necessarily don't need (or won't be looking for). They simply get to the point quickly – providing them with rapid 'micro-experiences' which is exactly what most browsers will be looking for as they try and find the products and services that can help them. So why not provide them with it?

One Page Websites – Ideal For Small Businesses

Companies that have highly focused goals or limited needs have found that single page websites are perfect for their needs. Regardless of whether you're launching a new product or service, gearing up your start-up, promoting an event or just require a temporary website, a single page website may be ideal for you.

Here, we've listed several reasons why this streamlined solution could be ideal for your business:

Simple, welcoming and shareable.

The simplicity of a one page website removes nearly every barrier for the user – no longer are they faced with numerous navigation options and call-to-actions that crowd a website. It's because of this that a single page website feels friendlier and more inviting – this can only help to increase engagement. With it being a simple, single page that is thoroughly engaging, it's far more likely to be shared by people impressed with its features or messages too.

Seamless and natural.

Traditional multi-page websites can often be fragmented and disjointed – even well-organised navigation doesn't account for the quirks of individual users. The result of this can be a confusing site that take the control of your website's user experience out of your hands. With its single page, one page websites take out the guesswork for users as they're able to get all the information they need from one source. Their consumption of the information will be natural and thorough as well – in their search for what they need, it can be easy for a user to skip sections of a multi-page site, whereas when presented with just a single page, it's far more likely they'll read everything on there because there is nowhere else to go!

Helps to tell a compelling story.

It's no coincidence that the best stories have a solid structure to them – a beginning, middle and end that the reader can travel between seamlessly. It's only when that story starts to fragmentate that users start to lose interest. A single page website allows you to tell your brand's story in a controlled, linear fashion – guiding users through a narrative that unfolds in compelling fashion.

Designed with conversions in mind.

Single page websites are designed with goals in mind – they exist to be simple and effective to perform one function. This means you can create a persuasive call-to-action which may have otherwise seemed difficult to do – or even overbearing for the user – on every page of a multi-page website. Instead, you can create a compelling, engaging page that will feel natural to the user.

Perfectly designed for mobile.

As they're designed to offer quick and simple information, presenting the same type of design you'll see on the average mobile phone app, single page websites are perfect to browse on mobile devices. You can be certain that the user experience of a one page site will be the same across all devices – with no additional pages to scroll to, they'll be responsive and easy to read. Considering most Internet browsing is done on mobile devices these days, it's a crucial ability to have for any website.

Cost-effective and time-efficient.

One of the best features of one page websites is that they don't take long to create and as a result, won't be too expensive to run. Time is saved by not having to create and manage multiple pages, so costs are kept to an absolute minimum, offering a great return on investment for start-ups or budget-conscious brands.

With a single page offering a compelling, goal-driven narrative with a great technical design that can be enjoyed by all devices – for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to establish a multi-page website – it's easy to see why small businesses everywhere are creating their own one page website. If you are interested in taking advantage of their benefits, no matter the size of your business or industry, the expert team here at Advansys can help.

Leading Website Design For Small Businesses

Regardless of what you're trying to achieve online, the dedicated team here at Advansys are able to work with you to create your ideal one page website. Our vast experience in the eCommerce industry has seen us create, manage and promote websites and services for all manner of industry types and sizes. Please feel free to browse our portfolio and success stories pages for further information.

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