bPay are inventing the future of how we pay for our everyday items. We're all busy, and few of us have the time to make sure that we have enough cash on us for our everyday essentials. More and more of us are choosing to pay with contactless card thanks to the speed and reliability it offers, but bPay takes us one step further. Thanks to bPay's wearable technology, you can now pay in store more conveniently than ever.

At Advansys, we are proud to have worked alongside bPay to develop a unique eCommerce solution which is designed to offer a smooth and simple transaction – just like you'd experience in-store with bPay's products.

The Brief:

Despite the high-quality of their products, bPay's online storefront was failing to convert visitors into customers. The major goal of the storefront development project was to improve online sales by making it a simpler process. As the main website continues to offer great information, it was the eCommerce shop that was in desperate need of our eCommerce expertises.

As a result, it was essential that our project team worked within bPay's vision for their brand. Ensuring that the eCommerce website adheres to the company's brand identity is always essential, but failing to do so in this instance would result in a mismatched and confusing online presence which would deter customers and encourage distrust.

Flexibility remained another essential part of this project. bPay needed a modern content management platform which would not only allow them to utilise a variety of promotional strategies, but to upload and remove pages as they wished. This needed to be completed by an in-house team over the long-term,meaning that the CMS needed to be user-friendly and simple to grasp. Integration was another key feature of the bPay project, as the new eCommerce solution needed to be fully integrated with their existing fulfilment systems for all stock and individual orders.

As bPay is backed by Barclays, the highest levels of security and reliability were essential. High-level encryption and PCI DSS compliancy were extremely important to protect against any and all external threats.


The Solution:

Creating an eCommerce solution which would help bPay to increase clicks, conversions and sales was the starting point for the Advansys team. Using our bespoke Razor eCommerce platform, we focused on ensuring that the storefront followed the best online practices for conversions. This, immediately, made the entire process that much simpler and more attractive to all kinds of customers.

The entire design and development process took less than 3 months to go live, enabling bPay to offer its great products to a full range of customers; on-time and on-budget.

Matches The Brand Identity

Razor's customisation means that we were able to ensure that it neatly fits amongst the rest of the website without breaking the unique brand identity. We took the simplicity, speed and efficiency for which bPay products are known and used that as our inspiration for the online shop design.

An Easy Content Management System

Razor's content management system (CMS) is extremely simple and easy to understand, making it the perfect solution for their in-house team. It is extremely easy to add and remove products, individual pages and customise the content to offer up-to-date information, images and more. Thanks to the flexibility of this CMS, bPay's marketing team also have the option to utilise the B2C eCommerce solution to promote their products as they please.

Quick And Easy Integration

Over the years, the Advansys team has worked with hundreds of different businesses. We understand just how important effective integration is when it comes to online retail. Integrating an eCommerce system with any 3rd party software or warehouse management systems is essential if you hope to provide a high-quality service to your customers. Without this integration, it would have been extremely difficult for bPay to manage their stock and deliver their products.

Unbeatable Security

At Advansys we have always placed great importance on the highest levels of security. Our eCommerce solutions are all PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, meaning that we can provide the highest levels of security to all of our customers. We always follow the best security practices and ensure the highest levels of payment encryption to prevent any malicious access or interference.

The Key Features Of The Razor Platform

The Razor B2C eCommerce solution is unique. It enables the website owner to control every aspect of their business from a simple interface and reap the real


benefits of a truly unique online presence. The features of the Razor platform are too many to name, especially when you take unique modules and bespoke business rules into consideration, but here are just some of the reasons that some of the UK's biggest businesses have chosen to makethe most of our B2B/ B2C eCommerce solutions:

  • A Simple Content Management System – Although our CMS might be easy to understand, that doesn't mean it is lacking in depth. With this CMS, you can quickly and easily manage your website's entire content. That can include everything from product information to blog posts. You can easily create and optimise landing pages to support marketing campaigns and encourage high levels of clicks, conversions and sales.

  • Detailed Analytics – Displayed in simple tables and graphs, you can keep up-to-date on your business with complete analytics software. That means you can track and measure visits, sales and more across your entire online presence.

  • Easy Integration Into 3rd Party Platforms – Razor can be quickly and easily integrated into your warehouse software, as well as omni-channel retail sites such as eBay, Amazon and more.

  • Unbeatable Functionality – One of the reasons that the Razor platform is suitable for both B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions is the level of customisation that can be introduced. The Advansys development team can create a full range of modules to ensure that you receive the perfect solution for your needs. You can even createunique parameters based on business rules that you define, resulting in a personalised experience for your most loyal customers.

Just some of the other features which make Razor unique include:An international eCommerce solution.Unique B2C/B2B account creation.

  • Easy product management.
  • Stock and order control.
  • Mail order and telephone order (MOTO) functionality.
  • A full range of promotion capabilities, including:
    • Email marketing.
    • Search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly.
    • Product promotions.
    • Customisation and targeted marketing.
  • Quick conversions with a smooth checkout process.
  • Delivery management.
  • The highest levels of PCI DSS compliant security.

What Is Barclays' bPay?

Backed by Barclays, one of the world's oldest and largest banks, bPay is the future of physical retail. Advances in contactless technology mean that Barclays have developed a way for customers to pay for small, everyday items with little more than a wave of their hand. The wearables and accessories that have been designed by bPay can be linked to any kind of major debit or credit card. When combined with the simple mobile app, this technology offers a simple interaction.

Following on from the success of accessories like FitBit, and the technology behind Apple Pay, it was clear that wearables are the future of convenience. Thanks to devices created by bPay, you can easily keep your account topped us, track your spending and event set up automatic top-ups. As long as your transaction comes to less than £30, you can pay anywhere that accepts contactless payment.

Advansys And bPay – Working Together For B2C eCommerce Solutions Success

At Advansys, we are extremely excited by the future of contactless payment, and this was a great opportunity for our team to learn more about wearable tech and the role it is going to play in our lives. Thanks to our eCommerce solution, there sales are growing and more and more customers are paying with contactless, wearable and cutting-edge technology that enables them to pay for their everyday essentials in record time.

Now that the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, it is more important than ever to make sure that your online presence stands out. Brexit could present a range of potential threats to all kinds of businesses, but it is likely that it will strike eCommerce businesses the most. If you want to make sure that your business can stay competitive, you need to ensure that your B2C eCommerce solution is not only simple and easy to use, but it offers the best possible experience for all of your customers.

Our team continue to work alongside the bPay team to ensure the highest levels of online retail service for all customers. If you want to know how Advansys' Razor B2C eCommerce solutions can help your business, get in touch with our sales team on 0845 838 2700. If you have any questions about online retail or bespoke website development, you can email them to sales@advansys.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

“With so many web design and development companies available I needed to be certain I was investing in the right one. Once I had spoken to an Account Manager at Advansys I was instantly reassured that they would be able to efficiently help me build my online business. Furthermore, over the past 2 years their helpful manner and care for fine detail, has enabled my business to grow immensely. Needless to say, I would recommend without question the highly professional services of Advansys and their flexible solutions. ”

- L Weldhen - Game Lifestyle -

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