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The most important factor to consider, when preparing to create a completely original logo for your business, is your overall brand identity. It may seem ridiculous to many businesses to put a great deal of time and thought into such a small component of your overall business plan, but your logo will be your company's insignia – it will be the emblem of your brand and it will be a symbol of everything that your business was, is and will be for the foreseeable future.

A memorable and aesthetically pleasing logo is essential to your business' survival in very real-terms, both online and off. It is starting point of your customer's journey, and an unprofessional or disjointed logo, which does not reflect your real brand personality, can be an immediate turn off.

When you choose to take advantage of professional logo design, you are turning your customer's first point of interaction into a launching-pad, which will guide and reassure them through every aspect of their engagement with your business, all the way from the first time they search for your name to their eventual conversion.

Be Proud Of Your Brand Identity

If your company is starting from nothing, or you are making your first forays into the exciting world of online retail, then you will need a distinct identity to fully appeal to your customers. If the tone of your logo is not correct, if it doesn't match your content's voice, the products you offer or your website's design, then the shift can be jarring and turn your customers away.

Your brand's message and values can so easily be lost, unless you ensure that every component of your public presence reflects your identity. The creation of your logo is the perfect time to really reflect on your business personality; is it really the image that you want to portray for the future?

Choosing the perfect brand identity right from the start is the only way that you're going to really take advantage of the internet's opportunities – you can't afford to waste time with a low-quality logo or unattractive company personality.

Understand Your Target Audience

Right from the start of your business venture, you need to recognise who your target audience is, and just how you can appeal to them. Creating your identity with your customers in mind is the perfect way to get a head start in eCommerce. Every aspect of your business' marketing strategy, from your website design to your commerce platform creation, needs to reflect both your company's personality and your target audience's identity.

Your customers will be the ones interacting with your logo – why not trial your logo with customer surveys or response groups to see if it elicits the same attitudes and promotes the same personality as you hope it does? It is better to revisit the drawing board multiple times at the early stage of your business, rather than live under the shadow of a poorly or incorrectly designed logo and a badly-thought out brand identity.

Let Your Company Stand Out

When you first decide to enter into a marketplace, or rebrand your existing business, the advantages of in-depth market and competitor analysis can be one of the most essential components to ensuring maximum profitability. Having a similar target market as your competitors is to be expected, but if your brand is seen as little more than a rehashed version of another, then you run the risk of fading away amongst the crowd.

Your brand needs to be completely unique, and stand out from the crowd, if you want to ensure that your target audience remembers your business. A strong identity is one of the most important components of ensuring a high return on investment, and fostering a sense of loyalty with your customers.

Commercial Logo Design

Here at Advansys, our team of talented designers have extensive experience in the creation of stylish symbols and emblems for our clients. We have worked on the logo design of dozens of distinct companies, from a wide range of industries. We ensure that your brand's unique identity remains constant through every aspect of your business, from the design of your eCommerce website, to your marketing content and even your physical presence.

For more information on how we can work with you to create a unique and attractive brand identity, along with a distinct, simple and easily-recognisable business logo, contact us today.

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