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As social media has become more and more integral to our everyday lives, there is one name that has remained dominant over the past few years. Facebook is the number one social networking site, and it has more than a billion active users, worldwide, every month. The internet is filled with potential customers, all of whom are logging on to their favourite social media to share what they are currently doing, catching up with friends and expressing their opinions on the most up to date news from around the globe.

The huge range of in-depth information available means that your advertising can be filtered so that it is only viewed by the most relevant audience. Whilst, in many social media platforms, advertising can be viewed in a heavily negative light, Facebook has a fantastic sales tool for marketing your eCommerce website – if you choose to use it in the right way.

Reinforce Your Online Presence

Whilst it is inadvisable to depend upon the whims of Facebook advertising for your entire marketing solution, it can be a fantastic way of sharing your current marketing activity with others. This can back up any existing marketing message that you are trying to convey, along with maximising the overall income of other, more dedicated and specialised marketing material.

Once you have created your free Facebook presence, you will need to continue to update it regularly in order to expose your marketing efforts to as many users as possible. By including other media, such as videos and images, you can create striking promotions for your business, and work to build a loyal community around your business.

Expose Your Business To Other Markets

Presenting your eCommerce site to the millions of potential customers means that your brand and website will be exposed to users who are not currently targeted by your marketing campaign. If you carefully examine those users who are interested enough in your business to follow you, then you can find out just what they are interested in and alter your marketing material accordingly. You could unveil an untapped target market, which you might never have considered, and enjoy the benefits of increased interest in your products and services.

Using Facebook marketing, and other social media, to adapt your corporate image and express your unique brand identity can have long-lasting effects across your entire business. Encouraging a higher recognition of your brand is never a bad thing, and can drastically improve the effectiveness of your business.

Online Retail And Product Promotion

When you keep your Facebook profile updated, an effective technique is to focus on particular products within your range. Items which are the most popular, items which offer you the highest product items or even items which suffer from low sales can be boosted through this easy avenue of promotion.

By offering promotional deals for your social media followers, such as discount codes, you can give traffic a much greater reason to sign up to your Facebook page. This can lead to a loyal and long-lasting customer base which will often result in additional sales.

Here at Advansys, we are experts in social media marketing, and we have extensive experience in maximising the potential traffic to your main eCommerce site. Through using similar search engine optimisation and conversion tactics as we encourage on the main body of an online retail solution, we can turn your social media into an effective advertising tool to increase your website's profitability.

For more information on our wide range of social media advertising services, particularly our Facebook marketing strategies, contact our advertising and eCommerce experts today.

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