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When wanting to create an ecommerce business it is important that you are passionate about the industry that you are in. This passion will be reflected in the quality of the ecommerce solution as care needs to be taken to ensure that the ecommerce design and the functionality is exactly right for the users of your site. Knowledge of the particular industry is beneficial and experience in the field can count for a lot for both your business and maybe even others. This knowledge about your industry can be put to good use through writing articles on certain topics.

Benefits of eCommerce Articles

Share Knowledge

Many people use the internet to find valuable information on a variety of different subjects. Through having knowledge and experience in your industry, you can provide relevant advice that people can use for themselves. By sharing this knowledge it can drive people to look at your ecommerce website and even look at your ecommerce blog for further advice. This traffic to the site has more chance of conversion success as users have already searched for exactly what they are looking for and after spending time reading the ecommerce article will then go on to look at the services available.

Build Kudos Within the Industry

Users appreciate good advice, especially when it's free, and the more people become interested and return to read the articles, the more respect you will receive from peers in the industry. This kudos can be a great way of getting themed and high page ranking links to the website as well as great way of networking.

Company Promotion

Within the content of the articles you are able to mention your company as well as attach your company details to the article. Although many article directories do not allow any blatant advertising of their company in the article, subtle references to the ecommerce website should be fine. The subject matter can also be directed towards the products and services your company provides, which creates interest and intrigue after reading the article.

Although ecommerce article writing is a relatively cheap way of generating traffic to the ecommerce site, it does take a long time to both prepare what the article is going to be about, writing the article and then submitting to article directory sites. This is where Advansys can help as we offer a full article writing and submitting service to help generate traffic to the site whilst also using your keywords within the article for SEO. Many article directory websites rank very well in the organic search ranking, which means that we will use SEO techniques to push the article up the search rankings.

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