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PR for eCommerce

Once you have your ecommerce solution up and running, it is then time to make sure that the general public know about the ecommerce website and the business. Traditional press releases involve using different media sources to publish the latest news involving your company and the industry you are in. This traditional form of press releases is still used and exploited by many companies, but nowadays, online press releases seem to make the most amount of sense in many ways.

Internet Marketing on a Budget

In terms of value for money, online press releases seem to make more sense as there are many different options. There are plenty of press release directory sites available for submitting to where users can log on and find information on the topic they are looking for. This internet marketing method can be relatively inexpensive with many free directories available, although it does take some time to submit too many directories.

Measurable Internet Marketing Solution

With many of the paid online press release directories also have software that shows you a variety of different marketing statistics to give you an idea of how effective the campaign is going. This measure of how successful the campaign has been can is a great benchmark against how well the other internet marketing campaigns have been. By also focusing the topic of the press release on one particular feature of your business it will hopefully reflect on the statistics on the ecommerce website and on the sales of a particular product.

Wider Exposure

Most marketing campaigns are more restrictive as to who will be exposed to the campaign and how many. The benefit of this internet marketing method is that everyone on the internet will be able to access the press release and it doesn't limit your campaign to a particular target market. Any new features about your company or on your ecommerce website can be highlighted in the press release to maximise the interest in this feature.

At Advansys we believe that online press releases can really help generate quality traffic to your, whilst also helping a lot in term of search engine optimisation. We believe that neglecting the internet marketing of the ecommerce website is a big mistake as people need to know about your new ecommerce solution. To find out more about our online press release service along with our full internet marketing services and ecommerce solutions, please contact out ecommerce specialists.

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