What is Blogging?

Blogs are pieces of content that are written to be posted onto websites, providing readers with information on events or news. Blogging is becoming ever more popular and is used worldwide by both businesses and for personal use, and is also a well known SEO technique.

Celebrities and individuals use blogging to let other readers know about their day or to communicate with people for free (as blogging and the use of services like Twitter is absolutely free) or to promote upcoming events they're attending.

Businesses also use blogging to give their customers information on products, services or news within the industry that may be of interest to them. You can also target other businesses with your blogs and become an authority on certain subject that you are blogging about, helping to increase your brand to both competitors and users.

Blogging and eCommerce

Blogging is beneficial for ecommerce websites as it enables you to discuss your products, their features and advantages, which users can then read before purchasing once they have the information they are after. This can help save time within your business as customers don't need to call to find out this information. You can include information about your industry or any latest news that will be seen by your potential customers as knowledge and make those potential customers more likely to buy from your website.

You can advertise your promotions or offers with blogging for users to see and link straight through to the products on sale. This is a very cheap marketing method to promote offers on products and can be very effective and easy to use. Blogs are essentially pages of content and therefore when written well can rank high in search engine results pages.

Blogging and SEO

For any ecommerce website the competition is high and doing well in search engine results pages is very beneficial and helps to draw in business. SEO is an essential marketing tool for ecommerce websites and blogs can help to improve SEO rankings, making them more than just advantageous for users.

Blogs help to increase the amount of themed content on your website which then helps to build up your website as an authority. Writing copy on specific themes that are relevant to your website will make your website knowledgeable on those topics, which effects and improves ranking results. Blogs should be done regularly as this helps to show the search engines that you update the website regularly with fresh new content, this helps to make your website reliable and trustworthy for good positions. Within the content you can also use internal links to point to other relevant pages on the website to back up the theme and keywords used within the copy, which is another check box in your search engine marketing campaign.

If you are interested in blogging but don't have the time please contact our ecommerce experts who can build a bespoke blog module for your website as well as provide the copy to update it with.

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