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Over the past few years, Twitter has become one of the most popular, controversial and influential social networking sites in use today. With more than 300 million monthly active users, including celebrities, brands and everyday people, Twitter is a network which offers substantial opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

As a marketing tool, many companies draw a blank when they see the 140 character limit (which drops down to 117 if you include an image) and fail to take advantage of this strange, short-form kind of social marketing. Overlooking this powerful tool can be hugely damaging to a business in the long-term, and allow its competitors to establish a much stronger foundation for the online retail of the future.

Twitter isn't just about advertising and exposure, like many forms of marketing are. Instead, it offers an incredible range of advantages, which allow a business to truly come into its own with regards to digital marketing.

Here at Advansys, we understand just how essential Twitter can be to a business' success, and we are passionate about social media in all of its forms.

The Advantages Of Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing can be a fantastic way of driving sales and conversions, through the publicising of various products and services, particularly during sales or seasonal holidays. Twitter can play a major role as a means of informing others about your online retail presence, and can often result in much higher interest than would otherwise have been possible. This additional route of advertising could result in a huge saving of time and money, and ensure the highest possible return from your main marketing campaign.

If one of your products is lacking in sales and attention, then creating specific Twitter posts can be hugely useful to attract attention to it. This can be massively useful as it allows you to completely and dynamically control your marketing as and when you need to, allowing instantaneous changes to your online presence. Whilst there are many tools that can do this - including email marketing - Twitter can be much quicker and easier than any alternatives, if it is done well.

Driving Customer Engagement

Engaging directly with customers is perhaps the most useful marketing tool available, in the modern social media age. Showing that your business is an authority on relevant topics is essential if you are hoping to build credibility for your business. Unfortunately for many long-established businesses, this means that a company can no longer rest on its reputation, but needs to continually offer excellent products and services and remain knowledgeable about the latest innovations in their area.

Offering the best customer service, too, is essential for success on social media. Engaging and responding to your followers' and customers' questions and statements is a fantastic way to promote the idea that you truly care about them; that you want them to receive the best service, and remain happy with your business' products.

This customer engagement can also be essential when creating, or promoting, a brand identity. Ensuring that your interactions remain consistent, that you back up your online promises with actual activity and that the service your customer receives comes before profit is the very best way to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Utilising Twitter to truly understand your audience can also be fantastic as a means of market research. Whether you use social media to discover your customers' needs, to build a much more in-depth image of your target audience or to bounce product/service ideas of your followers, Twitter Marketing offers innumerable advantages and can have long-lasting effects across your entire business.

One aspect of Twitter that is often overlooked is the network's potential for gaining industry contacts. By engaging with other companies and industry specialists, you can continue to work to improve your business' – or your personal - credibility and authority on relevant subjects.

Twitter Marketing For Businesses Of All Shapes And Sizes

Twitter is now an essential tool for any business, and new or small businesses need to take full advantage of the networking site's potential if they hope to enjoy natural and profitable growth through their online presence. As millions log on every single day, Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool to drive engagement and encourage high levels of brand awareness.

As one of the most experienced Digital Marketing agencies in the UK, here at Advansys we understand just how essential social media, and particularly Twitter Marketing, is to a business' survival. We employ the very best social media techniques, and make the most of the latest trends and innovations, to offer a comprehensive social media presence for your business.

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