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Manchester is widely known as the UK's second capital, and this is largely due to the rapidly expanding range of businesses which call this city home. Dozens of industries, including technology and marketing are helping the city to grow and evolve. However, this means that businesses in Manchester are having a more difficult time standing out from their competitors.

With the latest eCommerce solutions in Manchester, many organisations are able to take advantage of the massive global audience to sell their products and offer their services. Now that more businesses are relying on their websites, it is more important than ever to have a unique design which fully represents your brand and meets the needs and desires of your audience.

Custom eCommerce Platforms For Businesses In Manchester

Here at Advansys, the solutions that we provide are dedicated to helping businesses achieve a positive ROI and to grow awareness around your brand. With the internet, and the customer, constantly evolving to take complete advantage of the latest technological advantages, it is essential that your online presence can do the same.

Our major eCommerce system, Razor, is an industry-leader in terms of simplicity, elegance and complete customisation. We are extremely proud of its versatility and its ability to ensure that you can easily control your eCommerce solution, even with no technical training. Through simple layout and organisation, along with simplified control options, you can ensure that your system is integrated with your warehouse management software and any other marketplace that you choose to offer your products through.

Whether your company is targeting a B2C or B2B audience, with intelligent online retail solutions you can offer your customers the services and functionality that they need.

Brand Aware, Customer-Focused Website Design

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your entire business. Most customers will search for information online before entering a store, and if your site doesn't reflect what makes your business unique, then you could literally be turning customers away at the door.

Thankfully, our team are able to create websites which places usability first and foremost, quickly followed by your brand's identity. We can work to create a user-friendly platform, which allows for simple and fast interactions and transactions, and quickly directs your users to the relevant area of your website.

Responsive website design is another hugely important part of modern online retail, and if your site can't be easily accessed from all manner of devices then you are denying your customers the opportunity to interact with you. Thanks to a range of different techniques, we are able to dynamically adjust your website based on the specifications of the user's device. When it comes to smaller screens, for example, we can reduce text, enlarge images and create a visuals-based platform for speedy interaction.

Multichannel eCommerce

Along with your website itself, you can enjoy a range of advantages by offering your products through an alternative marketplace. Websites and platforms like Amazon and eBay are great examples. These sites can also be extremely useful tools when it comes to increasing brand awareness. By utilising these new avenues of interaction, you can enjoy a boost to your company's growth as you enjoy the profit and attention from an entirely new audience base

Also known as cross-channel eCommerce retail, this strategy depends upon your business offering your customers as many different potential avenues of interacting with your business as possible. In the past, simply have a website with retail capabilities would have been considered a multichannel strategy.

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Over the years, our team has worked with hundreds of unique businesses, from a range of different industries. We also specialise in creating websites which appeal to specific audiences, which has proven extremely useful for both dedicated companies and those businesses serving a particular niche.

Manchester is one of the most vibrant and rapidly expanding cities in the country, and it is absolutely essential that every business has the ability to stand out and attract the right audience. The best way to do that is to meet the customer's demands as effectively as possible; there's no better way to do that than creating a uniquely branded website and offering highly-secure online retail.

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“Omega Training Solutions turned to Advansys to help develop our business idea and turn it into a reality. Specialising in web development solutions, Advansys were able to quickly understand our business needs and helped to create a stylish yet informative website. Being from an aviation safety background, Advansys were brought in to take away the technical headaches of setting up and maintaining the website. Throughout our business relationship Advansys have been responsive and supportive. Here we are a few years later and Omega training is going from strength to strength. ”

- D Stark - Omega Training -