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The Razor eCommerce platform from Advansys, is a feature-rich, dynamic and customisable eCommerce platform which can be scaled and adapted to meet the specific demands of any business. The intelligent solution to modern eCommerce, Razor combines user-friendliness with incredible technological ability.

The below video provides a brief summary to some of the B2B eCommerce features available to businesses (a more consice list detailed below). We strongly advise a demo of our Razor platform to fully understand and appreciate it's capabilities, and to see how it can work for you and your customers. Call us on 0845 838 2700 (Monday to Friday 9 to 5:30) or use our online contact form.

The most advanced eCommerce solution to date, the Advansys' Razor platform can be used to create completely unique online retail platforms, serving both B2B and B2C customers, for a diverse range of companies. Razor, and the experienced Advansys team, can create online platforms which consider usability above everything else.Razor is a fast, intuitive and state-of-the-art online retail platform and control center that can be completely tailored to meet the requirements of any business and can integrate with almost any 3rd party system.

The Major Features of the Razor B2B eCommerce Platform

The Razor platform is unique. It is a solution which will enable you to control every aspect of your business from a single, simple interface. With Advansys' unbeatable solution, you will be able to:

Quickly and easily manage your website's content, product information and orders in real time from any internet-enabled device that you choose.
Personalised customer catalogue: From a dedicated trade account interface, your customer will see products/prices and information relevant only to them.
Can be integrated into existing or 3rd party platforms.
PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant: Enjoy the highest levels of payment and data security, enabling you to keep your online presence and your customer's information 100% secure.
Functionality tailored to your specific business processes and requirements.


eCommerce Platform

A Multi-Skinnable Solution

  • Manage multiple websites from a single interface (selling completely different products, and to different audiences per website skin).
  • Target different audiences with unique layouts and designs, including images, content and promotions.
  • Offer different products or services, managed within the same CMS.
  • Appeal to both B2B and B2C audiences with unique skins, layouts and more.

eCommerce functionality tailored to your requirements

  • Razor stands apart thanks to its unbeatable levels of customisation and integration capabilities.

Create business rules, based on:

  • Customer agreements.
  • Customer account information.
  • Products ordered, including:
    • Type of product.
    • Amount of products.
    • Price of products.
  • Business rules allow the Razor platform to create exceptions to standard rules.
  • Based on certain circumstances, you can personalise any aspect of your business.

International eCommerce

  • Create multilingual websites for the global market.
  • Dynamically convert prices into local currency.
  • An intuitive process for customers all over the world.

B2B Account Creation

  • Create unique trade accounts for every business.
  • Easily allow mail order telephone order (MOTO) and past customers to create online accounts using previously provided information.
  • Present relevant information to the right people.
  • Create a fluid, simple process for account creation and validation.
  • Assign a hierarchy for relevant accounts.
  • Limit the budgets of shared account members, such as store and regional managers.
  • Limit the kinds of products that are visible to certain users.
  • Assign unique credit limits, based on specific business rules.

Warehouse Management

  • Integrate with older, 3rd party systems already in place.
  • Access and present warehouse information, including:
    • Stock levels
    • Delivery information
    • Product specific information
  • Integrate your current dispatch systems into our Razor CMS, including automated email and SMS messaging

Online Sales Channels

  • Manage multiple online eCommerce channels into your CMS for a full multichannel solution.
  • Control supporting sales channels via the CMS, including:
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Google Shopping
    • Rakuten
  • Automate the entire retail process across multiple channels.
  • Include up to date warehouse information across all retail presences.


Product & Order Management

Simple Product Management

  • Quickly organise your products with intelligent categories.
  • Categorise your products by a range of features:
    • Manufacturer.
    • Function.
    • Any pre-determined category, including taste, scent, size and colour.
  • Create an easy way for your customers to find the products they need.
  • Allow customers to buy directly from search results.
  • Group results by account context, including past orders.
  • Common spelling mistakes can still lead to the right product.
  • Organise the hierarchy of searches:
    • Find the right product thanks to a vendor-specific dictionary.
    • Find the right product with synonyms, alternative and tagged terms.
    • Partial searching for keywords and related terms.
    • An easy drag-and-drop interface to reorganise your products within your CMS.
    • Capable of offering physical, digital and bespoke products within the same interface.

Integrated Search Functionality

  • Quickly and easily find products across the website.
  • Relevant searches can cover all content, not just products.
  • Use synonyms to present your own brands over 3rd party products.
  • Allow customers to apply filters when necessary, to further customise their results.
  • Offer detailed information, including images, direct from the search bar.
  • Lazy Loading and Pagination can be customised to suit the user's preferences.

Stock & Order Control

  • Keep an eye on your stock via warehouse integration. There are three levels of warehouse integration available:
  • Basic Flatline:
    • Information is delivered via a pipe delimiter
    • Can be manually exported or imported by clicking on a simple button in the CMS
    • Exports data into a CSV file using SAPR3
  • Batch Process
    • Information is transferred as a flat file
    • Can be scheduled to take place at the weakest trade hours
    • Can be updated every 15 minutes to every 24 hours
  • Real-Time
    • Dynamically transfers information as XML files via SOAP
    • Data is always up to date and can easily be exported or imported into other systems
  • Detailed order information and management, including:
    • Order tracking and automated status updates via email/SMS
    • Easily print orders, invoices, packing information and more
    • Process any returns and raise credit notes.
    • Include pre-defined rules to improve security at every level.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Offers detailed reports based on:
    • Recently ordered products.
    • Products ordered within a specific date range.
    • Orders that used a specific promotion.
    • Orders paid for via a specific payment method.
    • Orders including products within specific categories.
    • Revenue reporting from marketing efforts.
    • Referral tracking.
    • Bespoke reports based on pre-determined business rules.

Mail Order [and] Telephone Order (MOTO)

  • Include unique storefront templates for call center employees.
  • Quickly process telephone orders.
  • Handle enquiries easily through the website.
  • Give your employees the tools they need to:
  • Create trade customer accounts.
  • Place orders within the system on the customer's behalf.
  • Manage customer information and returns.
  • View saved baskets.
  • Quickly access back orders and make repeat orders at the click of a button.
  • View any relevant statements, including invoices.
  • Create baskets for customer review and acceptance.
  • With multi-level role permissions, you can give employees different levels of access depending on their role within the company.

Email Marketing

  • Integral email marketing, triggered by predefined business rules, including:
    • Bulk orders.
    • Specific transactions, including certain products.
    • Campaigns triggered by predetermined events.
  • Integrate specific site offers and promotions into regular email marketing.
  • Create unique email templates to reflect your brand identity.
  • Track the success of each email campaign via certain analytics, such as:
    • The amount of links clicked on and by whom.
    • How many of these customers went on to purchase the item.
  • Undertake A/B split testing throughout your email campaign to find the design that works best for you.


  • Offer site-wide, or specific customer accounts, promotions including:
    • Get the cheapest item free
    • Bundles, including:
    • Buy one get one free.
    • 3 for £10.
    • Get certain products free when buying certain others.
    • Brand-only deals.
    • Free gifts/samples.
  • Create a tiered structure for bulk orders, with prices rising or falling depending on bulk.
  • Include minimum basket values, excluding or including tax (net/gross).
  • Product, category and group inclusions or exclusions.
  • Promotional limitations:
    • First-time order promotions.
    • Amount of times a promotion can be used.
    • How long a promotion lasts for (including flash sales).
  • Schedule promotions.
  • Quickly remove promotions on demand.
  • Prevent the combining of deals and discounts.

Content Management

  • Easily manage rich content for products, unique landing pages and more.
  • Easily edit your content via the storefront itself.
  • Use a grid design to easily create customised pages, including:
    • Images.
    • Videos.
    • Various design elements.
    • Content layout.
  • Personalise each brand, category and product group to display a unique character.
  • Related and recommended product management.
  • Link products via specific attributes, including brand and function.
  • Create multiple image sizes via a single master file.
  • Quickly and easily add and update products through the product management interface.
  • Include whitepapers, product technical information more to ensure


  • Easily optimise your multi-skin sites for search engines including Google.
  • Search-friendly, user-defined URLs.
  • User and search engine-friendly structures and pathways.
  • Complete control over meta data for categories, products and content pages, including:
    • Title tags
    • Meta description
    • Meta keyword management
  • Control on-page SEO, including on-page tags.
  • Automatically updated XML site map.
  • Integrated blog module for sharing optimised, relevant industry information.

Customisation & Targeted Marketing

  • Create a business-personal account for trade customers.
  • Only show them information they are interested in, including:
    • Products.
    • Promotions.
    • Whitepapers.
    • Industry news.
  • Recently viewed and recommended products.
  • Specific areas for limited on-site advertising.
  • Personalise landing pages for specific hierarchy accounts.
  • Create landing pages linked directly to PPC, email or affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Create customer groups for targeted marketing, using wish list and other order information.

Customer Experience

  • Focus on customer satisfaction by creating a quick and easy means of interaction.
  • Layered navigation and intuitive search functions.
  • Your customer can quickly and easily find whatever they need.
  • Dedicated account portals.
  • Your customer will only be offered relevant information to their product history and their business needs.
  • Product comparisons.
  • Can include ratings and reviews.
  • Can include the amount of the product in question that is returned.
  • Customer-focused marketing, including:
    • Newsletter subscriptions
    • Relevant event invitations.
    • Customised news feeds and polls.

Quick Checkout & Payment

  • Streamlined/guided checkout processes.
  • Easily facilitate member transactions.
  • Updated shopping baskets in real-time.
  • Options to require authority before any transaction occurs.
  • Quickly verify card holder information, including addresses and shipping destinations.
  • Manage a range of personal details via the “My Account" portal.
  • Integrate with leading payment services, including:
    • PayPal.
    • Secure Trading.
    • Datacash.
    • CyberSource.
    • WorldPay.Delivery Management

Delivery Management

  • Use the order weight to calculate the cost of delivery.
  • Use business rules to create delivery bands.
  • Create free delivery offers with orders meeting certain criteria.
  • Base delivery criteria on cost, weight, date and more.
  • Integrate with courier pricing matrixes for accurate delivery costs and dates.
  • This is 2-way integration with a 3rd party fulfilment system.
  • Exceptions for specific items, based on customer workflows.
  • This can include surcharges for bulky and difficult items.
  • Create delivery regions within countries that have their own delivery systems.
  • Split single orders to multiple delivery locations.
  • Host multiple delivery addresses within one account. This can include:
  • Retail outlets,
  • Customer distribution centers,
  • The customer's head office
  • International outlets and boutiques.


  • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant
  • Advansys has the highest level of online security possible.
  • Advansys cater for any kind of hosting services that you require.
  • These servers and systems are comprehensively monitored and have 24-hour security and engineering support.
  • All Advansys' hosted sites are backed up on a regular basis.


“All of us here CS Labels would just like to say a big thank you to Agne and the team at Advansys. Our project was managed with urgency from start to finish. Agne answered every question promptly and was very detailed in how to use the CMS to get the most of our site. The CMS and website are both excellent and above the specification that was discussed at the start of the project. The artwork and design is first class aswell! When the time comes to update our site we will definitely be using Advansys for the great customer service and for going that extra mile for us.”

- Samuel Crowley - CS Labels -