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What is a Multi Lingual eCommerce Solution?

Translating your website into many different languages means that your website will be accessible for users across globe rather than being restricted to users that can only speak English. This will open up your business to a much larger audience and give international internet users the opportunity to purchase from your website.

Help your business to grow and expand by enabling different people to read and order from your online store. Without multilingual functionality your website will always be restricted to English speaking customers, which is only around one quarter of the world's population.

If a customer is looking to buy from you, then they will expect you to speak their language. Customers won't buy from a website that they cannot fully understand. This is why you need a multilingual ecommerce solution to meet customer requirements and help your business grow internationally.

How do I make my website multilingual?

The first stage of converting a website to incorporate multilingual capabilities is to translate the text on your ecommerce website. Advansys offer translation of copy into any language that you require so you don't have to worry about translation at all, simply provide the text and we can obtain the new text in every language required for you.

We can add the multilingual capabilities into your content management system by enabling multiple language functionality where you can enter different descriptions and options for each language, for all products, categories and content pages. This will be automatically pulled through for the language that the user has selected. You can flip between language versions of your website to view the different text versions.

Our bespoke, global ecommerce solutions mean that you can add as many versions of the website as possible. We can build the solution to your exact requirements, whether you are after one main website with different language versions, or multiple sites managed from the same CMS. This will provide a different domain for each language which would be more SEO friendly if you are looking to market your business across the target countries.

To complete your international ecommerce solution, add multicurrency ecommerce functionality to enable your users to process orders on your website and accept payment in all relevant currencies. For more information on our global ecommerce solutions and how our advanced web developers can help your business to grow internationally, please contact our ecommerce experts.

“With so many web design and development companies available I needed to be certain I was investing in the right one. Once I had spoken to an Account Manager at Advansys I was instantly reassured that they would be able to efficiently help me build my online business. Furthermore, over the past 2 years their helpful manner and care for fine detail, has enabled my business to grow immensely. Needless to say, I would recommend without question the highly professional services of Advansys and their flexible solutions. ”

- L Weldhen - Game Lifestyle -