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If you're looking to save your business time and resources, then the addition of an effective eCommerce solution could be just the thing you need. If you want to truly make the most out of your business' online presence, then you need to introduce a multi-channel content management system.

Advansys' Multi-Channel Solutions And Modules

With Advansys' high-performing eCommerce Solutions, you can utilise a single interface to manage your sales and marketing efforts across all channels of online retail. This includes both eBay and Amazon. Having the ability to list all products from your business' online presence, as 'Buy It Now' options, can be an excellent way to encourage more sales. It also works to create a legitimate, coherent presence across all online platforms.

When you choose to install the innovative eBay integration module into your eCommerce CMS, you are giving yourself the ability to adjust your entire online presence form a single, centralised location. You retain full control across all retail channels, without having to individually alter the information on each one. This inclusive approach is an incredible way to improve your business' credibility, whilst increasing customer awareness of your brand and business overall.

The beauty of this wholly integrated system is that every process that you would normally be required to complete on an alternative channel, such as eBay, can be completed from the intuitive content management system's single interface. This can include many specific aspects of eBay commerce in particular, including stock and order processing, and fulfilment, shipping and payments.

Ensuring that these features remain as easy to use as possible is one of the main concerns of Advansys' experienced development team. We have extensive experience when it comes to the automation of eBay elements, including second-chance offers, best offers, counter offers, reclamation of fees for unsold products and many more!

We also offer high-performing eBay store designs – we know just how important it is to maintain synergetic branding across the entirety of your online presence, and a personalised eBay store design can legitimatise your business, whilst your branding will help to foster a sense of loyalty on your customer's behalf.

Why Do You Need To Be Trading On eBay?

eBay has more than 15 million customers, and has more than 10 million products on offer at any one time. Since its creation in 1999, eBay has only gone from strength to strength, until it has turned into the incredible auction-house platform that it is today. This is an ideal virtual presence for any brand or business who wishes to trade online. This is particularly true if you're the owner of a start-up business, which is looking to grow at a natural rate through integrated eCommerce.

If your online retail solution does not include intuitive and reliable eBay integration, you are actively denying yourself a valuable route into a market with millions of potential customers. eBay remains one of the very best tools that you can use when it comes to promoting your business, improving your online credibility and offering your products for sale.

If You Already Have An eCommerce Site, Do You Still Need A Bespoke eBay Store?

There are dozens of reasons why operating an eBay store design alongside a traditional eCommerce presence is essential for online success. Only by offering a stable, permanent place on the internet can work to ensure your business' longevity. Adapting your online presence to suit the changing needs of your business can be essential to your survival on the world of online retail.

An eBay store, particularly one that becomes popular, can be a fantastic tool for your business' marketing as a whole, with a particularly heavy focus on brand awareness. Appealing to the millions of potential customers who use eBay every day is essential to ensuring your business' success, and the visibility that an eBay store provides can have a fantastic effect throughout your business.

Relying entirely on an eBay store alone is not enough, however, without a permanent eCommerce location, you run the risk of encouraging your customers to believe that you are not a trustworthy business. You are also limiting yourself to the customers that you can interact with – although eBay does have millions of users, consider how many more are logging onto the internet every single day.

An eBay store also limits the amount of freedom that you have when customising your online presence – adding additional functionality later on can be impossible without a high-performing eCommerce solution from Advansys.

Intuitive, Industry-Leading Online Retail Solutions From Advansys

Only through complete, multi-channel integration can you effectively control your business' multiple online presences as a whole. By integrating multiple stores into the same solution, it gives you and your customers a single place to find all of your products.

A professionally-designed eCommerce solution can show your users, and your potential customers, that you are a legitimate business that has invested in a website to make their interaction with your brand all the easier. An eCommerce platform can also offer far more features than an eBay store can, along with increased functionality, and a constant innovation to meet the demands of your target audience.

For more information, regarding the ways that a successful multi-channel platform can influence the success of your business, contact Advansys today on 0845 838 2700 – alternatively, you can email us directly at sales@advansys.com, and we will get back to you when it is convenient for you!

“I was extremely nervous about developing my web site as I am not very technically minded, however, Advansys were a pleasure to work with and I was given all the help I needed at every stage of the development. They listened to all my ideas and advised on the best way to achieve them and made the whole project as easy for me as they possible could. I am very pleased with the site and would certainly recommend this very professional company. ”

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