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What is an eBay listing tool?

Save time and money by having an eBay software tool that automatically processes your eBay listings. One of the biggest headaches for sellers selling on the internet is the pain of having to manually manage their eBay listings. The Advansys eBay listing tool solves this problem as you can intelligently manage all of your eBay listings via one single interface. Via the Advansys eBay listing tool you can manage many aspects of your eBay Store to allow you to promote even more products and to increase your sales revenues.

What are the benefits of an eBay listing tool?

The benefits of using an eBay listing tool such as the Advansys eBay listing tool is that it allows you to dynamically manage your products and orders via one single interface which will save you valuable time and resource.

  • associate the product to eBay design templates and multiple eBay sites (UK, USA, etc)
  • associate the product to eBay categories and state the duration
  • ad-hoc listing of items/products on ebay (multiple countries i.e. all ebay sites websites)
  • specify the quantity and 'buy it now price'
  • specify the delivery rules with specific prices, whether it is domestic or international
  • create eBay design templates
  • merge products with a product landing page template (merges HTML with your product data)
  • create and set up returns data for your eBay Store
  • create and set up payments data for your eBay Store
  • create and set up about us data for your eBay Store
  • manage your eBay store orders via one single interface
  • generate a PDF invoice for the order with integrated labels at the bottom that you can print off and use for shipping

What if I sell on other marketplaces, such as Amazon, Fnac?

Not a problem as Advansys has a listing tool for these marketplaces as well. The beauty of the Advansys listing software tool is that you can manage ALL of your channels via one single interface where the tool syndicates out your products across all channels and intelligently reserves stock accordingly across all of the channels. Not only are all of your products managed by the single interface but your orders too

Is it easy to install the Advansys eBay listing tool?

Yes it is very easy to install the Advansys eBay listing template. The software tool can be installed standalone or be used as part of your ecommerce solution.

Advansys also specialise in designing compelling eBay store designs and ebay store templates that can increase sales by 30%. In addition find out more about our eBay integration capabilities

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“We have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and skill that Advansys have shown throughout the project. Ecommerce is still a relatively new idea within our business and often misunderstood or ignored. Yet the Advansys team has made the website development process simple and easy, enabling us to launch the site within a very short space of time. Advansys have created a clean, user-friendly bespoke ecommerce solution that integrates smoothly with our warehouse logistics team allowing us to provide a first-class service for us customers. I would recommend the technical and creative skills to anyone who is looking to build an authoritative online presence.”

- Paul Gurnell - GlaxoSmithKline -