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Retail EPOS Integration Explained

EPOS (electronic point of sale) integration means connecting key business operations through a single, easy to use software system. In other words, a well developed EPOS system will be user friendly, comprehensive, and will manage your supply chain processes in a cost effective manner. This results in retailers working more efficiently which in addition reduces overheads and maximises profits which every online ecommerce business should be looking to do where ever possible.

EPOS Order Fulfilment and Returns

Customer Perspective on Electronic Point of Sale

A customer wants the ability to purchase a product by any channel, for example MOTO, ecommerce, and mobile. Once they have purchased the product they want to be able to track and receive it in a timely manner and have the ability to return and exchange if required.

Retailers Perspective on EPOS

The biggest headache for retailers is managing logistics and distribution for their retail stores and online ecommerce operations. From a retail store perspective stock can be held in different warehouses at different locations and from an eretailer perspective stock tends to be distributed on a 'demand-driven' approach. Add on the issue of running with disparate systems and you can clearly see the problem.

EPOS System

Stock for distribution across all these channels (retail, ecommerce, mail order) should be stored and monitored in one single place. The allocation of stock should happen in real time so that the customer is never disappointed, in other words predictive analysis tools as part of an electronic point of sale system can look at demand and trends to ensure that products are always available and distributed accordingly. In order for retailers to provide that excellent service that is required they need to access all of the information stored about the order, product and customer in one system at a touch of a button: a fully integrated epos system.

EPOS Integration Solution

At Advansys, We Are EPOS Specialists

The Advansys epos solution allows your ecommerce website (online payments) and MOTO (mail order telephone orders) to be seamlessly integrated into your in store stock control, central warehouse and accounting systems with the ability to pull off real time and historical reports at a touch of a button to give you full control at any point of time.

What Are The Benefits of EPOS Integration

They key benefits of epos integration are:

Increase productivity

Reduce overheads

Alert of stock losses

Tighter control of prices & profit margins

Improved productivity

Streamline processes

Automated processes

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