Internet Fulfilment Integration

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Integrating existing 3rd party fulfilment solutions into the advansys eCommerce framework

The Advansys Fulfilment Modules for our Ecommerce Framework can be used to completely replace external systems for your Internet Fulfilment, however many of our clients have had relationships with either Data management companies, External warehouse and fulfilment companies as well as accounts with all major shipping and logistics suppliers and suppliers of products for the drop ship business model that is increasingly popular.

The good news is that this does not mean that your visibility and control of these processes has to be compromised by the 3rd party nature of the integrations. Advansys are experts in the Fulfilment Systems Integrations that are required to give you full control of your Order Delivery management.

Any Data Management Company generally uses an API (Application Programming Interface) which means that Advansys' System can talk directly to the Data Store and periodically request updated details, ensuring that product data and in particular, product metrics are always up to date. This is very useful when we need to use these metrics to build packing lists that are automatically ordered to ensure the safe transit of delicate products – heavy items always go in the box first.

External Warehouses often use the Advansys fulfilment modules as they provide functionality to make the warehouse staff's job easier, by mapping out the locations of stock within the warehouse and producing picking lists that not only declare the item's location but also order the list to make the collection run as efficient as possible. Where possible these locations can be read in via the warehouse's own software to keep the system fully up to date.

Shipping companies generally do provide an interface to allow you to book in consignments and print the correct label for each parcel, but the Advansys Ecommerce Framework allows even more flexibility by applying rules to the delivery so that the delivery route is chosen automatically, sometime even before the customer has finalised the order. This may not be so impressive when the choices are between UPS and Royal Mail but the fulfilment modules of the Advansys Ecommerce Framework can even include Multiple stock locations, such as warehouse and stock at retail locations to enable you to allow for personal deliveries and in-store pickups.

The Advansys Ecommerce Framework really is engineered to be the best all encompassing Business Management System available and the level of though and detail we go to for streamlined Internet Fulfilment are testament to this single minded drive for Ecommerce perfection.

“We have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and skill that Advansys have shown throughout the project. Ecommerce is still a relatively new idea within our business and often misunderstood or ignored. Yet the Advansys team has made the website development process simple and easy, enabling us to launch the site within a very short space of time. Advansys have created a clean, user-friendly bespoke ecommerce solution that integrates smoothly with our warehouse logistics team allowing us to provide a first-class service for us customers. I would recommend the technical and creative skills to anyone who is looking to build an authoritative online presence.”

- Paul Gurnell - GlaxoSmithKline -