MOTO Module

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What is the MOTO module?

The Advansys Mail Order or Telephone Order (MOTO) module enables our clients to enter manual orders into the content management system of their ecommerce solution. This is extremely helpful to most companies as we find most of our clients have customers calling to process orders by phone or who wish to send order forms by post. Your team will be able to enter all of the order details into the database so it can be processed as a standard order and customer details can be saved on the system for any future orders.

If a customer wants to make payment by credit card over the phone you can enter the card details and process a transaction within the MOTO module, the card details will go through the payment gateway to be checked securely before returning a result to you whether the payment has gone through or not, just like a standard order on the website.

Why do i need a MOTO module?

As a retailer you will want to give your customers as much choice as possible in terms of payment options, and you wouldn't want a customer to call, be prepared to pay but have to send them away to actually make the order online. There are also a lot of users out there who are scanning the internet to find websites that offer the service they're looking for, but perhaps do not know how to process an online order or simply don't have the inclination, this module caters for that customer. Your business will miss opportunities without a MOTO module.

Multi-channel eCommerce Solutions

Mail or phone order is just one other channel of receiving orders that is separate to ecommerce, our solutions are equipped with the functionality to integrate with Amazon, eBay, and EPOS so you have the option to integrate with several other traffic channels and receive the most possible online orders.

We can integrate the MOTO module into with any payment gateway as long as they have an in-line solution, although obviously it's much quicker and easier to link it with our own ePayments system.

Our ecommerce websites are developed to your exact requirements so if you're after additional features to be built into the ecommerce system please take a look at our bespoke e commerce software to see what other modules we have to offer.

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