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Making the decision to offer your products via the Rakuten interface can expose your online business to a huge audience, one that you might otherwise have had no means of engaging with. Rakuten UK was introduced as a replacement to Play.com, previously the third largest online marketplace in the UK.

Play.com was the foundation for many businesses, and Play stores were often seen as major components of certain online retail strategies. Thankfully, Rakuten UK was brought in as a replacement to the traditional Play.com marketplace, and we are proud to offer high-quality integration services, similar to those that we offer for eBay, Amazon and other marketplace sites.

Why Should I Sell Via Rakuten UK?

Rakuten UK enjoys thousands of visitors to its site every day. Along with Amazon.co.uk and eBay, it is one of the three most profitable and popular marketplace sites in the country. By offering your products via a trusted and popular site like this one, you can hugely increase the visibility of your products and improve the likelihood of potential customers finding the items that you offer and converting into paying customers.

All merchants who do decide to offer their products via this marketplace will receive a personalised store on the site itself, which can help to drive traffic and engagement, whilst also improving conversion rates. Whether you operate an SME or a much larger business, by offering your products through this marketplace you could drastically increase the audience that you are marketing to.

Why Should I Integrate With Rakuten UK?

This UK site stands out from many of its marketplace competitors as it gives you the tools to effectively control every part of your business on the site with consummate ease, from store creation to product listing and marketing.

If you have a dedicated online presence, or you feature your products on other marketplace stores, then you can easily integrate with this platform via the high-quality integration services that we offer. We are constantly improving our integration modules to ensure that we offer the very best service and include more and more features to make the integration that much smoother.

Control Pricing

Here at Advansys, our eCommerce integration allows you to effectively base your Rakuten UK prices off your preferred information. For example, your cost price, default sales price or Amazon price. We can make it extremely easy to use formula-based pricing, or set fixed prices via this online presence.

Order Processing

Via our integration services, you can easily download any orders that come through, or view them as part of your order processing system as though they had been purchased from your own site. We can automate much of the system on your behalf, to ensure that order dispatch notices are sent to Rakuten on your behalf, and give the opportunity to cancel those orders that you are unable to fulfil.

Dynamic Inventory Control

You can enter your stock quantities into your PageExpress content management system, which will then send that information on to all of the marketplaces you are integrated with. When you receive orders from these platforms, they will dynamically affect your stock levels across your entire system, allowing you to easily see the amount of a certain product via your major CMS.

Complete Online Marketplace Integration From Advansys

Thanks to professional integration modules, you will be able to completely streamline your eCommerce website solution through the entire online marketplace process. To control all of your business' online presences via a single, usable interface, get in touch with Advansys' professional team today.

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