SAP eCommerce Integration

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Advansys' eCommerce solutions can be easily integrated with the latest SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), previously known as SAP R/3, on behalf of enterprise clients. The means by which this integration occurs can be altered depending upon the individual needs of the business

SAP eCommerce Integration

Most commonly, this integration is performed in real-time, through the use of SAP PI (Process Integrator) or SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure). These strategies are used alongside standard web services, which have been facilitated via business application programming interfaces, otherwise known as BAPI's.

Orders can be pushed directly from your business' eCommerce solution into the SAP system, which then updates the website with accurate and up-to-date stock data information. Of course, as an alternative to real-time updates, we can also offer the development of Electronic Data Interchange interfaces which can be scheduled to run at set intervals.

At Advansys, we understand that every client is different, and that every business requires varying features within its eCommerce solution. Our experienced and dedicated team works with you in order to determine the very best features to attach to your platform, and to determine the data workflows that your business requires.

We also understand just how different businesses require carrying frequencies of updated software, and we work to optimise these updates to ensure that your company is receiving the upmost benefit from your SAP Integration and eCommerce systems.

SAP Business One eCommerce

For those enterprising clients who utilise the smaller sibling of SAP ERP, SAP Business One, Advansys offer the high-performing development of EDI data feeds and web services wherever they are applicable.

Our knowledge of the industry, including the development of enterprise reporting dashboards which display KPI data in an easy-to-use format, and integrating key sales and associated marketing information, has proved hugely beneficial to a wide range of clients in the past.

eCommerce Integration Requirements

Most businesses have a core set of fundamental data, which needs to be shared from their ERP system, along with any number of bespoke additions which might be required. One of the major decisions in the SAP integration process is deciding at which point you wish to cease integration.

We believe that SAP should be at the heart of any good eCommerce system; the platform itself should be considered as a sales channel which facilitates the ordering and communication with the ERP system.

At Advansys, we recommend that the following data is considered essential for any eCommerce solution which looks to make the most out of SAP ERP Integration:

  • Materials & Products
  • Regularly Updated Stock Levels
  • Accurate Pricing
  • Individual Orders
  • Customer Information, Including Address & Contact Information

If you desire your SAP communication to move in the direction a customer-portal approach, then you will require additional information to be available, including:

  • Testimonials & Quotations
  • Complaints
  • Discounts or Special-Contract Terms
  • Relevant Historic Data

Choose Advansys For Your SAP ERP/eCommerce Platform Integration

If you're looking to offer your business the wondrous advantages of an integrated SAP ERP, then you need to take advantage of an experienced, professional development team. At Advansys, we have been providing bespoke eCommerce solutions for a number of years.

We firmly believe that it is only through the inclusion of multi-channel eCommerce solutions, including platforms that integrate completely with SAP and specific retail avenues - such as Amazon and eBay - that your business can enjoy the online presence that it deserves.

For more information regarding the incredible advantages offered by SAP Integration, contact our dedicated, helpful team today at Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 838 2700!

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