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More Intelligence, More Conversions

Drive sales by sending out highly personalised emails.  eMail Marketing is the most easiest and cost effective marketing strategy to get in front your audience quickly. eMail Marketing Solutions allow the tracking of newsletter in real time which gives you invaluable information such as who received, opened and clicked through on the links within your email.  You can instantly see if your customer was intersted in that product and did they actually buy it.

More Intelligence,  More Conversions
Why Send Out an Email  Campaign?

Why Send Out an Email Campaign?

Knowing your customers' interests and desires is imperative to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and better target your audience. The more relevant the information you give to your customers the higher rate of success you will have. 

If you are using what we call 'fire and forget' email marketing you are missing out in a wealth of intelligence that can ultimately help your business grow.

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Analytics and Tracking

Once an email campaign has been sent out you can see straight away who received the email, who didn't, why they didn't, who opened it, who clicked on what links within the email, at what time and how often. Once you have this valuable information you can use it to target your customers more effectively and efficiently resulting in higher sales and generating repeat business.

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Analytics and Tracking
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