Eurocell is the UK's leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of uPVC. Established in 1974, Eurocell has grown into one of the major developers of uPVC products across the world, catering to an international audience as well as within the UK.

Eurocell originally had multiple websites. A content driven website, along with a separate eCommerce platform and mobile site. This was resource heavy to manage, and caused problems with competing duplicate information on search engines, which had a negative impact on traffic volume. Advansys solved this problem by developing a fully responsive eCommerce solution that allowed Eurocell to operate its online goals within a single interface. The new website is a combination of a corporate brochure, whilst also offering B2C and B2B eCommerce capabilities.

Bespoke B2B Functionality

With their new website, Eurocell needed a solution that catered to all of their customers but, in particular, to their large-scale B2B buyers. It is difficult to offer a solution that appeals to both trade and retail customers. The solution was the introduction of dedicated trade account portals. These unique portals are, essentially, dashboards which allow B2B customers to enjoy a much simpler, and far more personalised, engagement with the Eurocell. These portals present easy access to those parts of Eurocell's site that the buyer will be interested in, and include a range of features which can rapidly improve the speed with which they can interact with the website.

Personal Online Shop

Through the personalised account portal, the buyer can quickly and easily reach the categories in which they are interested in. For example, if the business is a window/ door installer, then they will immediately be taken to their areas of interest – in this case, windowsills, bi-fold doors and more. By quickly arriving at a store that has been personalised by internal categories, the buyer can easily find the kinds of products that they are looking for.

Quick Orders

A further advantage of the dedicated account portal is the ability to access previous, current and potential orders in a matter of seconds. Previous orders can easily be reviewed or reordered without having to leave the account's dashboard, and new orders can be created quickly and easily. It is also extremely easy to access information such as an overall account summary, account specific prices, security information and more. The dashboard also offers the option to upload orders in the form of XLS files, to ensure complete reliability during the ordering process.

Individual Marketing Advice & Technical Support

Eurocell also offers advice and material to help with marketing their products, including product or brand-specific brochures, system guides, how to manuals and case studies for the retail business to refer to during their sale to the customer. The bespoke portals will also offer information relating to that customer's specific sphere of business interest, such as the latest industry news, strategies, hints and tips to ensure that they can keep up to date with their products, their favourite brands and any new developments within relevant fields. Bespoke technical support is also available via the account portals, which will allow the B2B customer to find out information about the products themselves via white sheets and other advisory and supportive material.

Working Together for Success

Advansys continue to work closely with Eurocell to support the success of the business. As the company grows and adapts to changes, so can the Advansys EMS and website, meaning the website and platform is 100% future-proof. If you want to know how the Advansys eCommerce platform can help your business succeed online, contact our sales team today on 0845 838 2700 or email

“Omega Training Solutions turned to Advansys to help develop our business idea and turn it into a reality. Specialising in web development solutions, Advansys were able to quickly understand our business needs and helped to create a stylish yet informative website. Being from an aviation safety background, Advansys were brought in to take away the technical headaches of setting up and maintaining the website. Throughout our business relationship Advansys have been responsive and supportive. Here we are a few years later and Omega training is going from strength to strength. ”

- D Stark - Omega Training -

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