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Targetting Your Ideal Customer

Target Your Ideal Customers

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Generate Traffic to your Website that Converts

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) offers your business a great opportunity to capture the attention of browsers who have an interest in what you sell.

PPC is an effective way for your business to buy placement at the top of every major engine! Essentially, PPC ads may be displayed on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) either due to keywords that are entered by the user or other factors (their location or search history).

This will allow your products/services to be seen by a market that is far more likely to be interested, giving you a far better ROI over other types of advertising. And this is where we can help.

We offer a comprehensive range of PPC services, including managing ad campaigns, optimisation, as well as running regular PPC training

Generate Traffic to your Website that Converts

PPC : Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does PPC advertising work? Sponsored search engine placement is an effective way for advertisers to compete for high rankings in SERPs in an auction-style environment. You will ‘bid’ for each specific search term, the highest bidders receiving the highest listing on the results pages. PPC is unique in that you only need to pay for your advertising when it is actively consumed by potential customers; you will only pay when a member of the audience clicks on the link to your website or landing page

  2. What are display ads? Regular search ads appear whenever a user searches for a specific keyword, PPC Display ads will appear based on a wider set of parameters (a user’s location or search history, etc). They appear on the top, side and in the middle of websites on almost every website. Highly effective, they reach more than 90% of people who use the Internet, creating high visibility.
  3. How is Google Shopping different? Google Shopping ads are a type of PPC advertising that allows businesses to display their products in Google search results. Google Shopping ads are different from regular text ads, as they include an image, price, and other product information. They can be very effective in driving traffic to your website or online store, as they allow customers to see your products before they click on your ad.
  4. What is Google Search Network. Google’s Search Network utilises their network of websites and apps to make your ads appear in a broader range of searches. Your ads can appear anywhere on the network – from the Google search engine but also on Google Maps, Google Images Google Play, Google Shopping, YouTube, and so many more Google-related properties.
Increase your PPC Conversions

Increase your PPC Conversions

When setting up a PPC campaign yourself you may see some success, however, when working with a specialist PPC account manager, not only do you free up time to focus on growing your business, but you also gain access to someone that works on PPC every day. This means your PPC campaign can be continually refined and improved by an experienced expert, to increase your profits.

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If you’re looking to drive relevant traffic to a crowded online marketplace, we have all the knowledge and experience to help. We possess the ideal level of expertise to manage your online advertising campaign, helping you to understand your audience better, to build a campaign to attract them to your website, as well as make the right changes when it matters the most.

If you would like to learn more about how we’re able to put in place the ideal PPC campaign for your business, do not hesitate to give our digital marketing experts a call today on 0118 380 0201. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to sales@advansys.com

Stand Out from the Crowds
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