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Being fundamental to their business, any type of salon needs to be able to portray its ability to create a fresh and vibrant image for their clients, accentuating and styling their looks. Whilst opening up a vast window display or undertaking physical marketing campaigns help to promote a business in their own way – they do not offer the scope and reach offered by the World Wide Web. If you’re looking for the best salon website design, then the team here at Advansys can help you to realise your ideal virtual home. Whether you want to promote your salon, sell your hair treatments, hair colouring and cutting services, or simply need somewhere to showcase your exciting work, we can help you to improve your presence on the world’s largest marketplace.

Why does your hair salon need to be online?

Find Make it easier for potential customers to find you!
Cube Make it a lot simpler to showcase your products or services
Network Your competition will be online
Reputation Reputation management - 86% of people would pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and reviews
Google Get on Google to showcase what you and your business can provide

Show Off Your Salon Beautifully

It can probably go without saying that the internet is all-encompassing in today's world; whether we want to find out local information, go shopping, even go to work – it can all be achieved on the Internet. With a whole world of information at their fingertips, accessible in a matter of seconds, it's likely that most people's first port of call when needing to find a product that suits them will be a search on Google.

Whenever you've walked down the local high street, you may have been struck by the window displays or the outside decorations of stores.These aren't created just for architectural necessity; they're there to display what the shop has on offer and to exhibit its styles and philosophies in order to attract passing trade. Whilst browsers on the internet can certainly be defined as 'passing trade', unlike the people in the street who pass a physical shop,Internet browsers would actually be interested in the specific content of what's on offer – they entered the particular search term in Google after all.

What many people forget, is that a website is the virtual home of a business – it represents the brand in the biggest marketplace in the world, so if it's slow,unresponsive, unorganised, insecure and just generally unattractive, then it will shed the business in a negative light. These are not attributes that are going to close many sales.

Potential Clients Don’t Just Search On Computers

Did you know that most people today access the Internet via mobile devices? Thanks to the vast improvement in mobile technology and the availability of fast-speed, flexible connections, we can browse the web from anywhere at any time – even whilst we’re doing something else. The trouble is that there are plenty of websites that may be unresponsive on mobile and tablet devices, as they were created when the desktop computer was the go-to internet device of choice.

Just some of the numerous advantages of a responsive website include:

  • Many people search for local businesses on their mobile devices. As such, a salon website design that is mobile-friendly, will enable you to reach out and advertise your products/services to new potential customers.
  • Did you know that 73% of consumers use the internet on a mobile device, whilst only around 20% of companies currently have responsive websites? This means that if you choose a mobile-friendly web design solution, your business will give itself the best opportunity to stand out from competitors.
  • A responsive website can boost your rankings on search engines; which could be the boost you need to outrank competitors in your local area.

Ultimately, updating your salon website design will not just help your clients to experience an easier browsing experience – it will also make the business stand out as a professional, tech-savvy company that values its visitors by providing an easy-to-use platform. So, what are you waiting for? Update your website today.

Advansys Will Work Closely With You

Whether you need a salon site to sell your hair care products, to attract new clients or need a way to provide browsers with a quick and easy way to book appointments online, then why not move one step ahead of your competitors with Advansys?

As a leading web development agency, we have worked with a vast array of business types, including those who operate within the hair and beauty industry. From new and innovative brands looking to use their virtual scissors to cut and trim themselves out a place out in the marketplace, to salons looking to better promote their business to the local area

Just a selection of our work, creating salon website design includes:

  • Andrew Barton. As an award-winning hairdresser-turned haircare brand, Andrew Barton was looking for a responsive website to firstly showcase his portfolio and innovative products and secondly, to sell them. Our team worked with Andrew Barton to understand his brand and how his company relate their products to their clients. The end result was a brochure website that helped to fill their requirements.
  • SEVEN Hairdressing. The competition for a hair stylist to be noticed in an area as populous as Surrey is extremely high. This is why SEVEN hairdressing were seeking a salon website design that would help to promote their haircutting, hair up and hair colouring services. Our solution was to create a website design that was able to support high-quality imagery on all devices,presenting an in-depth look into the many products and services on offer.Additionally, we created a booking portal that provides SEVEN's clients with an opportunity to make quick and easy bookings – ideal in catering for potential client retention.
  • Salon Science. As a brand of shampoo, conditioner and specialist hair treatment products, Salon Science understand that their clients need to be given control over choosing their ideal products. Already available in some of the country's largest health and beauty retailers, Salon Science were seeking their own outlet from which to promote and sell their products. Our solution was to create a consultation tool, built within the website that gives browsers the ability to find out for themselves, which Salon Science products are best suited for their own hair.

Regardless of the products on offer or the requirements of your business, our talented team of web developers and designers are able to provide professional salon owners and product manufacturers alike with a platform from which to grow. Regardless if you're looking to promote your salon treatments, need a booking facility or a customisable online store to retail your haircare products – we can create the best salon website design for you.

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