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Working in any type of education can be rewarding; pupils learning, developing and improving their skills thanks to your teachings and philosophies is undoubtedly a fantastic thing to experience. How can you shout about those achievements though? How can you quickly convey messages, news and information to parents? How can you quickly build up an authoritative reputation in your local area?

Why does your school need to have a responsive website?

Ex It's important to get your brand and image out there
Phone 96% of people from the age of 25-34 are reported to own a smart phone i.e. parents!
Reputation management Reputation management

In today's world, there's only really one tool that can effectively achieve all of these things – your own website. Great school website design can help to provide a window into life at your school; creating a community around your establishment, giving prospective pupils and parents an insight into how you can help them to grow and develop too. Here at Advansys, we are here to help you to create your ideal window.

Imaginative School Website Design, From Advansys

Having already built a number of websites for a wide range of schools and academies, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your school to express itself online. We understand that not all schools are the same, that each and every one will have different requirements and ideas about what they want to achieve with their website.

You may not have any idea about how you'd like your website to look, or are unsure about what features you need to have – you just know that you need to have a presence online. This is perfectly fine, as our experienced account managers are able to work with you to understand and interpret your thoughts and feelings. Then our talented designers will get to work and produce a school website design to the specifications that we worked out together.

Our industry-leading expertise has been built on our approach to client relationships. A website is a reflection of a person, a business, an establishment. It provides them with a way of promoting what they have to offer in their own unique way. This is precisely why we take the time to build up a close working relationship with our clients, as its through this that we can create a website that will not only give the school the means to effectively communicate, but also promote itself in a positive light.

School Websites We’ve Created

Over the years, we have worked alongside numerous organisations within the educational sector. This includes both schools and organisations which provide extracurricular activities. Some of our previous clients include:
  • The Coombes CE Primary School, Berkshire. The Coombes recognised that in order to share information with parents (many of whom experience busy working lives) quickly and efficiently, a website would be the best platform from which to do so. As such, we created a responsive school website design that presents visitors with an insight into how it operates and gives parents the opportunity to visit the site on any internet-connected device and immediately be aware of any information regarding admissions, events, policies, closures etc. The added benefit to a school website is that you'd imagine it saves time and cost in creating correspondents and making phone calls too.
  • The Lodge School of Theatre Dance. As a growing dance school based in Berkshire, The Lodge were seeking to underline their development by establishing their own website from which to promote their classes and events, as well as to provide parents and students with up-to-date information. Our solution was to create a brochure website that presents high-quality imagery of their classes, yet is responsive enough for users to quickly navigate between pages on any device in the search for information.

So, Why Does Your School Need A Responsive Website?

In today's world, the first thing we turn to when we need to find information will be the World Wide Web. If someone visits your website, then it's fair to say that they are interested in what you have to say – but does the design reflect you in a positive manner? Are users able to read the information you present?

In the last decade alone, the Internet had changed vastly. Since 2016, more people have been browsing the Internet on mobiles and tablet devices than on 'traditional' desktop and laptop computers. The trouble is that many older types of websites have been created with desktop computers in mind – so when browsed by a mobile device, it could be the case that the information it presents, cannot be read.

Responsive design means 'taking an optimal approach to web design' – responsive websites are created to offer the user the best possible experience, whether they're scrolling, reading or navigating. The pages of a responsive school website design cannot be resized or panned either; they simply fit themselves around the requirements of the screen that's being used. Not only does this allow for a vast range of access, it also means that the website will be future-proof – any new devices that may come onto the market will be able to read responsive websites, making an investment in one extremely worthwhile.

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