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Success-Story-LaVivion.jpgLa Vivion are an online jewellery company who specialise in selling bespoke diamond rings for weddings, engagements and other special occasions.

They approached Advansys in March 2013 after deciding they wanted a brand new website to take over from their existing online jewellery store which would operate on an international basis. We were asked to build their new site, along with a new core management system for their business and a full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign to build the site authority and improve their rankings on Google.

Both the website and management system would become the core platform for the company, which meant it was important to ensure we included all the features they required for the success of their business. The experienced team at Advansys began by holding discussions with La Vivion to make sure the website met their requirements for its design and function.

The company needed a new brand identity to be created which included a name, colour scheme and logo. Straight away the creative director at Advansys began brainstorming ideas and came up with a choice of names and logos for the company to choose from. La Vivion was selected because it gives the impression of luxury, and because it was not already a registered domain. The name was derived from an old French pirate called La Vivion, which also provided inspiration for their pirate ship logo.

The website was launched in May 2014, with the SEO campaign starting back in July 2013. The on page content was written and checked in the period before the site went live, and blogs were posted in a blog module on the domain to begin building authority for the site before the launch and to create brand awareness.

Section 1 - Designing the Bespoke Ring Builder Module

When building a new website we take care to understand the nature of the business, the purpose of the site and the goals which the company hope to achieve for it. This helps us to plan each page carefully and make sure they keep to the requirements of the client.

For La Vivion their primary goal for the website was to sell fully tailored jewellery, giving customers the ability to choose their own diamond stone and setting for a ring, earring or even a pendant, and also add an engraving. This includes a bespoke 'design your own ring' module that allows the user to search through over 10,000 different stones and select the type of ring and setting they want to put it in, all from the comfort of your own home.

This ring builder function enables the customer to create a ring that they have personally designed making it special and original, a fantastic unique selling point (USP) and a key feature of La Vivion as a business. This focus on configurable rings, pendants and earrings was important for the identity of La Vivion as bespoke jewellery experts and will help to establish them as an international brand.

Their ambition of moving into international ecommerce presented a number of challenges for both the company and the Advansys project team. Firstly the currency and tax issues had to be considered, as well as the delivery rules and creating the capability to send their products to any country in the world. Their desire to establish themselves as a well known international jewellery brand meant the look and feel of the site had to be kept simple with relevant information available wherever needed.

By researching the industry, their target audience and the competition for the website in detail, we were able to design and build a website which would meet all of the company's goals and expectations.

A User Focused Experience

Early on in the design process we began focusing on building clear and simple navigation for the website. This is one of the most important features of any site as it guides customers to the section or product they are looking for, but is particularly vital for a jewellery business as there are a lot of different products which look similar.

Navigation is also a key element to a sites conversion rate, and can impact a websites success by as much as 40-60%. Even the best looking website can fail if customers are unable to find what they want easily. For the La Vivion website design we included:

Top-Level Navigation

This is where the user places their mouse over the categories at the top of the website to find what they are looking for. By rolling over a category, a sub menu appears which allows the user to find the section or products they are after. This is quickest and most simple way for a customer to find the page they are after, and is now the one of the most effective navigation features used by websites.

Catalogue Structure

All of their jewellery is carefully organised into category groups, such as metal type, carot or shape of stone, allowing the user to easily browse and find the piece they are looking for. This helps to keep the website clear and organised, and aids the success of the SEO campaign. This allows the user to see every potential ring, stone and setting they have available, and then customise their search to find what they are looking for.

Multifaceted & Search Filtering

Once the customer is onto the product pages of the website, there are sidebars which allow them to refine or alter their search to find what they are looking for. This means the user can refine their search or pinpoint a particular product without having to do multiple searches.

On La Vivion we added GIA integration, which is the system used to classify and order precious stones. This included a price range filter, as well as other filters including stone shape, carat, clarity and colour. This gives the user the ultimate choice of personalisation, which is an appealing feature for selling jewellery allowing customers to create jewellery which is unique to them.

Calls To Action

If a website doesn't provide clear options for the users next step, they can be inclined to look elsewhere or simply leave their search for another time. On the La Vivion site we included clear 'call to action' boxes which give direction to the customer, including the

standard 'add to basket' and 'more info' buttons which are highlighted in gold, along with other buttons including 'personalise your item' and 'add to wishlist' which give the user all the options they need.

Creating Credibility

With so much choice now available online for nearly every product or service, it has become highly important to create a brand image which is credible and trustworthy. A flawless Reputation can take years to build up but only seconds to shatter, so maintaining a good image and keeping customers happy will help attract more business rather than scare it away. Advansys provided a number of solutions to ensure the website would build and maintain a healthy reputation.

Product Reviews

Users are now much more likely to convert into a buyer if there are reviews on the product which have been written by a real customer who has already bought it. It gives the product and company more credibility and allows the customer to see an honest opinion rather than just a sales pitch.

It also helps add a social element to the website, which can start discussions through other channels such as social media, a feature which La Vivion is also using. All reviews are approved within the back-end of the management system before they are shown on the website, allowing La Vivion to prevent any damaging content which could affect their reputation.

Talk To An Expert

To help a user answer any questions they may have, the website includes a chat feature which allows them to ask a jewellery expert for their advice. Often a potential customer is more inclined to use the chat feature rather than make a phone call, especially for a simple enquiry. This feature helps increase sales but also creates trust for the brand as customers are instilled with confidence from the experts behind the business.

100% Secure

Advansys are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant, which is the highest level of data and payment protection possible. Security messages are presented throughout the website to ensure users feel confident to enter their payment details online. In addition, Advansys is one of a few eCommerce suppliers approved by Visa and MasterCard.

Section 2 – eCommerce Management System

Behind the front-end of the website is a sophisticated management system, known as the eCommerce Management System (EMS). This is how La Vivion manages their content and uploads images on their website, as well as receiving orders, stocknumbers and customer data.

Education Module

Included in the content for the website was an education module which contains all kinds of articles and guides that give information to customers about how to design their own bespoke jewellery, as well as other subjects such as ring size and the different types of metal and stone which are available. This also plays a vital role in the SEO campaign as each of these pages includes the keywords which are being used to improve the websites rankings.

Product & Customer Data Management

All product information is stored and managed within the EMS, and can easily be updated, modified or disabled. Product is an essential part of an eCommerce business, which is why it's essential that stock is properly managed. Within the Advansys EMS stock quantity is assigned to each product SKU, and is automatically decremented when an order is made. Once the stock reaches 0, the product is automatically removed from the front end of the website to avoid further orders.

When a customer makes a purchase, or registers their details through the website, the customer data is stored within its own section of the EMS. If required this data can easily be exported from the system, in numerous file formats (including XLS, XML, TXT, CSV, PDF and XPS) giving La Vivion the ability to use the details to engage and retain customer business. Customer data can also be imported if required, allowing business from other systems to be stored and managed in one central system.

Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)

Rather than simply accept orders online, La Vivion customer service team can raise and accept orders over the phone, or by post, entering the details directly into the EMS. This also ensures that when a customer is experiencing problems on the website, rather than lose a sale, the visitor converts to a paying customer.

Working Together For Success

Advansys continue to work closely with La Vivion to support the success of the business. As the company grows and adapts to changes, so can the Advansys EMS and eCommerce website, meaning the site and platform supporting it is 100% future-proof for this new business.

If you want to know how the Advansys ecommerce platform can help your business succeed online, contact our sales team today on 0845 838 2700 or email

“With so many web design and development companies available I needed to be certain I was investing in the right one. Once I had spoken to an Account Manager at Advansys I was instantly reassured that they would be able to efficiently help me build my online business. Furthermore, over the past 2 years their helpful manner and care for fine detail, has enabled my business to grow immensely. Needless to say, I would recommend without question the highly professional services of Advansys and their flexible solutions. ”

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