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Waterfields Bakers is an established family bakery that puts high-quality service and fantastic products above everything else. They are proud of their history, and are committed to their craft; creating cakes for all special occasions alongside handmade sandwiches, pastries and treats for everyday consumption.

Waterfields chose to work with Advansys, as they saw the potential in a partnership to bring Waterfields online presence into the new era. With the desired technical expertise clearly apparent, along with a full understanding of the brand identity and its core values, Waterfields and Advansys began their partnership.

The History Of Waterfields Bakers

One of Waterfields biggest advantages in the modern, hugely competitive world is the professional and experienced workforce that epitomises its identity. With many employees working at any one of Waterfields bakeries gaining a diverse wealth or knowledge and experience, they are able to maintain a wide range of skills and techniques which underpin the entire company.

Originally established in 1926, when Alice Waterfield set up a small bakery in Leigh to sell pies and confectionary to local factory workers, the business really began to take off when her reputation grew and her husband, Albert, left his job as a miner to help her in the bakery.

Over the years, the business began to grow as the next generation of Waterfields, daughter Hilda and son Albert Junior, joined the business and began to help it grow. By 1984, the business had expanded so much that the bakery needed to move to larger premises on Manchester Road, Leigh. It was around the time of this move that the third generation of Waterfields, Richard and John, became involved in the business after spending several years developing their skills in the art of baking.

Currently featuring 47 shops across the North West of England, a bakery with the very latest in modern technology and an experienced, local workforce, Waterfields serves more than 80,000 customers every week, and is constantly attracting new custom thanks to its dedication to product innovation and customer service.

Waterfields Bakers Unique Website Design

With such an incredible company history behind them, it was important that the business' unique culture and identity was reflected through their online presence. They needed a well-designed, user-friendly website to increase brand awareness on a national scale and drive footfall to the various bakeries spread all across the North West of England. It was important, too, to encourage more people to visit the multiple cafes that the business now own, and ensure that they were able to see what was on offer before they arrived.

With many of our company's roots in the North West, and an office in Wigan, the Advansys team were already familiar with Waterfields and their brand identity, and we were extremely excited to start work on this exciting opportunity.

Increasing Footfall To Waterfields Bakeries And Cafes

Our international team created a high-level and completely responsive Brochure platform. Not only does this mean that Waterfields' entire range of products are now available online, but that it can be accessed by a range of different electronic devices, and even by mobile devices whilst on the move.

This was a hugely important aspect of the website redesign when it comes to increasing footfall to the various stores and cafes, and anyone looking for somewhere in their local area would quickly and easily be able to find their nearest Waterfields Bakers.

To further this feature, our team of designers included user-friendly functionality to help any interested party to find their nearest store, using a search bar to identify all local stores, in any area, through an interactive Google Maps feature.

Showing Accurate Product Information

It is important, in a bakery like Waterfields, that the customer knows exactly what they are getting. With that in mind, it was extremely important that every online product provided accurate allergen and ingredient information on products, in a format which is easy-to-view and user-friendly.

Without this information, there was the possibility of people arriving at the local cafes and bakeries and being disappointed due to their own, specific, dietary requirements.

The Personal Touch

Waterfields is a business which has always been defined by its employees and the personal touch that goes into every product and interaction. Which meant it was felt that only pictures of actual Waterfield employees should be presented on the website.

Instead, the Advansys team included pictures of the actual staff members from the local cafe in Leigh, reflecting the brand's commitment to its employees and dedication to complete honesty and integrity.

Waterfields Bakers' Successful Website Launch!

Although it has only been live a short time, the website has already received fantastic customer feedback. The improved functionality, accessibility and truly brand-focused design has improved footfall to the business' various outlets and helped customers to find the perfect products for them even before they arrive at the store, helping to cut down on in-store waiting times.

The Advansys team has received great responses from both the Waterfields business itself and its loyal customers. Waterfields new website has been an unmitigated success, and is a clear representation of the wonderful benefits that a brand new website design, designed with the user's experience in mind, can provide to any kind of business.

Advansys will continue to work with Waterfields Bakers to ensure that their website reflects their business' identity and provides an excellent experience for all of its users. Advansys and Waterfields are now working together to build an interactive bespoke cake builder, to enable prospects to design their own cakes for every special occasion.

For more information on the benefits that a responsive website design can provide to your business, get in touch with Advansys' professional team today, on 0845 838 2700. If you have any questions, then you can email them to our team directly at sales@advansys.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

“Advansys were not only able to integrate our external data warehouse in to our new ecommerce store but have been working to create new copy that will accurately describe and market our products as well as help our customers to find these products through Google and the other search engines. This has involved on site work which has been conducted efficiently and professionally by Advansys staff. ”

- Keata Murray - Tie Rack -

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