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Order Processing to Delivery

Online Fulfilment of ecommerce orders is an often demonised part of the process, mainly because of the enormous amount of work involved in a process that has successfully reduced the leg and paperwork considerably in other areas.

The Warehouse module of the Advansys Ecommerce Framework is designed to streamline the fulfilment process as much as possible. Stock can be added directly in the CMS or even imported from external sources and multiple locations, essential if you are intending on running your ecommerce business on the dropship model or have multiple retail locations. Stock availability is then calculated by the system based on your own rules, so even if you may not have physical stock in place availability may not be affected except for a recalculation of shipping time.

Once the customer places an order, through any channel that you feed into the CMS, retail, ecommerce website or marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, the order is collected into a single ecommerce orders management screen.

From a list of orders the Warehouse Management Module is able to produce a Picklist tailored to the physical stock location. The system is so flexible that should you wish you can have it create a picklist that is designed to produce an efficient route for your warehouse staff to take in order to collect the sold products as quickly as possible.

Once picked products are collected each individual order can be bulk exported and printed, producing for each order a shipping label, delivery note, retained records and a Packlist. The Packlist from the system can be tailored to your products weight and delicacy to ensure that light, or fragile items do not end up under heavier products. As well as internal records the entire days dispatches can be exported to your shipping company's API to book in the consignment and produce labels as required. This process is intelligent so only orders that can be fulfilled will be exported.

Most Logistics Providers have a way of tracking parcels and this is an important part of the fulfilment process. The Advansys Ecommerce Framework allows tracking IDs to be added to the order within the system, allowing you to track the arrival of your products (allowing you to send marketing messages and customer relations emails automatically) and for your customers to be assured that their purchase from your company is definitely on its way.

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