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Website Design Packages and Features

If you're located in Farnham or the broader Surrey area, Advansys is just a phone call away. In an industry filled with numerous website design companies and digital agencies, especially in Surrey, it can be a challenge to determine who to trust and why Advansys should be your choice for building your next site.

While there is no shortage of web design and development agencies capable of producing visually appealing websites, a significant number of them rely on pre-made "off the shelf" templates, often without having had support in their design or coding.

Advansys, on the other hand, operates as a comprehensive digital agency devoted to crafting exquisite corporate and brand websites that are entirely tailored to your needs. We place a strong emphasis on this personalised approach because we recognise the importance of understanding the online behaviour and personas of those who will be interacting with the site. We encourage you to explore some of the outstanding web designs we've created for our valued clients. When you choose Advansys, you're enlisting a team committed to realising your vision in a manner that truly stands out.

<h2>Website Design Packages and Features</h2>

Approach, Features and Technologies:

  1. Amazing Design - showcasing you in the best possible light
  2. Built using the latest reliable markup and code - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery/JavaScript
  3. Mobile Up Responsive Frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap) - for accesibility and usability on cross platform devices (mobile/tablet/desktop)
  4. Code Minification, Compression and Caching - improving page and site speed load times aiding SEO and conversion
  5. Image Optimisation - faster loading
  6. Best Practice Conversion - clear calls to action and goals defined, GA Conversion Tracking
  7. Analytics - integration into Google Analytics and others
  8. Security - Advansys are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant so you are in safe hands

Sample Of Our Work

CCTV & Security Systems Brochure Website
Brochure Websites

CCTV & Security Systems Brochure Website

High Quality Door Designer
B2C eCommerce Solution

High Quality Door Designer

Premier Source for Disability and Healthcare Aids in the UK
B2B eCommerce Solution

Premier Source for Disability and Healthcare Aids in the UK

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