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Why should I redesign my website?

The Internet and technological world is a very fast moving environment where web trends and user expectations change from year to year. Because of this its important that your website design follows the latest website design trends in user expectations, navigation and technology to ensure success online.

With today's market, and the rapid growth of the Internet, a user has a lot of opportunity to shop around. Unfortunately an out of date website design can have a negative effect on how your business is perceived, loosing potential customers. Its essential to maintain your website regularly, to incorporate new web design trends, and technology for the changing expectations of your market, therefore part your ongoing web maintenance is to redesign your website to accommodate for changes.

Here at Advansys a web site redesign accounts for around 65% of the enquiries received, more often than not from businesses who feel their web design site looks dated, or requires increased functionality for their growing business.

An old fashioned or poorly designed web design or ecommerce website with weak navigation, an unclear call to action or a poor checkout will cause loss of potential customers despite the amount of money spent brining people to your site. A well designed website redesign will increase turnover without driving a single extra visitor to the website, by simply increasing the conversion rate of people who are already using your website but not buying.

Changing the look and feel of your website design is an important aspect of a websites ongoing maintenance, therefore a website redesign should be considered to follow the latest web trends and user expectations. By maximizing the performance of your website design, you will reduce marketing costs, gain customer confidence, and increase online sales.

A website redesign from Advansys will provide you with a professional website design that will increase customer confidence and convert your current visitors to customers. Advansys are ecommerce specialists who follow the trends in web user expectations, navigation and technology, so you can be confident to get the best advice and results when you come to us for a brochure website re-design or ecommerce redesign.

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