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Static webpages are content pages which are held within the server itself, with no content management system (CMS) or alternative back-end solution. These types of pages contain no types of dynamic data and, as a result, each page will contain exactly the same information to every customer. These are the simplest kinds of webpages, as they require no personalisation depending on the person viewing it and none of the elements of the page are changeable.

Each webpage must be designed and uploaded individually – at Advansys, we are fortunate enough to boast a team of dedicated experts in this form of webpage design service. A static website is nothing more than several of these pages with adequate HTML links as a means of connecting these pages.

Our specialist web designers work to create modern and professional designs which align themselves with your business' brand identity. This provides your online platform with a professional, synergetic appearance which can only reflect positively on your business as a whole.

Initially, static pages are extremely easy to build and upload. However, it can be extremely difficult to edit or update the information within those pages once they go live. The content can only be edited by accessing the file directly from the server itself which completely excludes clients from making any changes themselves, even minor ones.

Although few people seem to take this into consideration, Static Websites are not friendly to search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. The content on these sites remains static, as the name suggests, which means the search engines are starved of any new content to crawl.

Static websites are also extremely difficult to grow, as they contain very few, and severely limited, webpages. As a result, they will often hamper your online presence form growing as effectively as the rest of your business – which can, eventually, lead to your entire business' growth faltering.

Can I Utilise A Static Website?

The one advantage of static websites over the more widely-utilised brochure websites is that they are significantly cheaper. These are typically more useful for start-up businesses which may not yet be reliant on an online presence for their business survival. However, many larger businesses utilise static webpages to show off how the eventual website will look. They are particularly useful from a design perspective, as they allow designers to show off their vision for the website, without incurring the higher costs of a brochure website.

Static websites typically tend to perform very well, in that they take far less time to load and their lower content value can greatly reduce the stress on a server. This can result in much faster downloads for the user, meaning that they have a more positive interaction with the site itself.

Expert Web Design From Advansys

If you would like to learn more about static website design, and the differences between these and dynamic website design models, or if you feel that your business might be able to benefit from a brand new online presence, you should email us at Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our web design specialists today, you can call us on 0845 838 2700.

“Advansys were not only able to integrate our external data warehouse in to our new ecommerce store but have been working to create new copy that will accurately describe and market our products as well as help our customers to find these products through Google and the other search engines. This has involved on site work which has been conducted efficiently and professionally by Advansys staff. ”

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