Wurth are a market leading company in the trade of assembly and fastening materials. After initially starting as a family run company in 1945, Wurth now possess 5-6% of the overall market share and operates in 84 countries, with 3 million customers worldwide. This international corporation is recognised across the world and they specialise in providing a range of products; from screws and screw accessories to power tools and personal protection equipment. Wurth came to Advansys in July 2011 believing that with the impending expansion of their company, an ecommerce platform would be more suitable and sustainable for their future intentions. At the time, Wurth relied heavily on a direct sales force of 500 sales consultants.

Wurth approached Advansys with a request for a B2B trade portal, which enables users to quickly and easily place bulk orders, including repeat orders. Working with Advansys allowed Wurth to take advantage of their expertise in online B2B ecommerce platforms.

When it came to developing the B2B ecommerce solution, Wurth's main concern surrounded their sales representatives. Traditionally they would set individual prices based on the customer's needs and circumstances. This needed to be reflected in their new ecommerce solution. They also wanted their B2B website to provide easy usability for large companies with multiple branches.


Advansys Have Designed Innovative Ecommerce Solutions to Work Alongside Wurth's Sales Representatives

Wurth still want their sales representatives to be a large part of their company; therefore their ecommerce solution has been designed to work alongside their sales reps. Customers can still have access to their own sales representatives and their data is also integrated into Wurth's software AG platform, along with products and prices. The ecommerce platforms were built based on the unique needs and specifications of Wurth. Their new B2B ecommerce site allows clients to submit a request for an account. After a credit check has been completed and the account is approved by Wurth, the customer will be granted access to a master account (normally the head office or purchasing department of the organisation). Through this master account, further sub-accounts can be made. This is catered to users who place orders for numerous branches of a chain. Each branch has access to their own sub-account in which they can manage all their orders.

The master account also has the option to implement a prepaid credit limit, so users of sub-accounts can be limited in their spending and requests will be sent to the manager of the master account to be approved before purchase.

A Successful Brochure Site with a Bright Future

The Wurth live brochure site has generated fantastic results. Wurth and the users of the site are pleased with the performance and usability of the platform at present. Most notably the client log in feature which gives them easy access to their ordering accounts, making their business processes more efficient and streamlined.

If you want to know how the Advansys eCommerce platform can help your business succeed online, contact our sales team today on 0845 838 2700 or email sales@advansys.com.

“Just a note to say that the site looks great and thanks to all in your business for the hard work done. I am sure we will continue trading for a long time!!!”

- R Evans - Barloworld -

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